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8 Weeks into Test/Deca, My Honest Thoughts

So I’m 8 weeks into Test/Deca w Kickstart Dbol, I have done several cycles in the past years but it was my first time doing Deca.

My original opinion on this cycle was smooth, moderate steady gains with little to no side effects, that for me was the biggest + about this cycle, I had no negative side effects at all emotionally or sexually, 0, strength was good, gains steady, the ONLY negative sides i had were estrogenic sides since im very prone to that, so had to spend double on AI’s, aside from that no complaints.

All in all pretty smooth I guess, now you might be wondering, that sounds good?.. Why would you fix something that aint broken, why go back to Tren risking more sides.

Good question, well, simply because I am not impressed enough and I feel like I am spending way more than neccesary and hassling too much for the amount of results I got, I’ve used up 2 Vials of Test and 2 vials of Deca, plus a load of AI to prevent gyno growth, sure it was smooth and steady, and almost no negative sides, but I could have gotten the same gains, with one vial of test and one vial of tren, in 4-5 weeks, without even needing any AI.

Gained about 16 or more lbs, of which of course a lot is water, maybe even half of it, i am 100% sure that i could get that same result or better with just 250 Test/300 Tren week, which would cost me less than half of this stack, sure more sides and wouldnt feel as great mentally, in fact i would be pretty miserable, but shorter cycle, less spending, less worrying about aromatization.

I might be just one of those unlucky people who are shitprone to gyno and acne, i literally can not run anything aromatizes without heavy AI, not even at lowest dosages, to the point that it becomes just a hassle and i spend just as much on combatting e as on the gear, i get gyno even on 250 test a week or less, i cant even run dbol at 10mg without ai, if i take the dosages that are considered standard I have to take 1mg of ai every single day, and it would still be risky for me.

So sure f I was loaded in the bank, it would be a great smooth cycle that I could run quite long without any sides, however the money spent is just not worth it for me, in that case i rather deal with mental sides, and have a cheaper and more effecient shorter cycle without spending half the time and money worrying about estrogen than my actual muscles.

What mental sides does the tren give you?

It sort of makes me unstable, overthinking, mood swings, i snap much faster than usual, the scary thing is that i sometimes don’t notice myself that I am not really being myself anymore, I literally have to keep reminding myself that it is because of the Tren, that everything will be back to normal once i quit.

I myself am very calm and chill person, I never get into fights, I hate stressing too much and always stay calm and collected, but on tren I really am not the same as usual, I have flipped out sometimes and made issues about things I normally wouldnt even worry about, would go on tantrums often.

Result wise best I have ever looked was on tren every single time, focus wise at the gym too, but I can’t stay on it for too long makes me real different not my usual self.

I tried it for about three weeks and my blood pressure shot through the roof. I think I had borderline in the first place (sometimes high and sometimes not), but I don’t think I lasted long enough to get the mental sides. Its so powerful its tempting.

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Oh man, you didn’t experience any mental sides? I mean I don’t think I am borderline but Tren sure makes me so lol.

Done 3 cycles of tren before and every time physically the results were just incredible, best results I’ve had, steady gains, insane pumps and gym focus, hardness, but in those times I also got the most drama I’ve ever had, I’ve snapped like how you do when you are extremely angry or upset, like whiteout, but for things that were not even sucha big issue, so this made me a bit scared to try again.

The reason I decided to try Deca this time was because I’ve always heard its a good bulker as well and less harsh, avoided in the past due to rumors about deca dick, but I decided to go ahead with it and try it, and sure it is a fine compound, got steady results, but I have to use twice as much plus spend double on AI for the same results as I get with tren.

Mentally i feel fine though on deca and test, no negative effects for me personally, just twice or more as much spending, twice as much time, and more estrogen hassle.

I told my wife to watch out for any kind of personality change when I tried it, but I don’t recall anything strange. I did have to add BP meds, but I might have needed those anyway. I really stopped because I was starting to have libido (staying hard) issues and that was the kicker. This could have been from a number of reasons, such as estrogen or something, but it really freaked me out. Strange thing is I tried Deca about 10 years ago with my TRT and did not have any sexual sides. I think I read Tren is related to Deca, so not sure what happened.

Samething with the d*ck issues, I’ve had it happen on Tren before as well, but not on Deca, which is weird since it seems to be the opposite for most people, also find it very different in terms of how they affect me, like you said they are in the same family and the molecule is quite similar, but man do they feel totally different, completely.

As far as the personality thing I guess it depends per person, I know people that run 500mg without issues, i would go insane on that lol.

For me it was quite the opposite, while on the tren i kept trying to convince myself that nothing was off, that I was not different, i literally believed that it was her fault if we fought or when i got upset, but I was definetly not the same, she noticed it clearly, and looking back myself later clearly I was not the same, that is what scared me about it, that during the time on i did not accept or believe that i was different, but i clearly was.

Lucky you my friend. I love the mass gains from Deca but I unfortunately suffer the libido related side effects.

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I guess I am one of those few.

But then again some dudes can run Trenbolone without having issues, in my opinion they are quite lucky as well lol.

I think you are in the majority. I think the issues are not rare per say as we see enough complaints. But certainly not the norm. More people post with issues than folks who have none obviously. Any before and after photos. Is that you in the avatar?

Ah yeah true that, I guess I meant like some guys can run dosages which other people can really not handle, its really interesting to see how certain compounds vary from person to person, back before when I was an ignorant dumbass I always thought it was nonsense that certain aas effect everyone differently, but man it is really absolutely true.

Yes that’s me in the photo, is an old photo though few years ago.

I did not keep track or logs on this cycle, since it was my first cycle in a long time getting back into the game it was more like a comeback thingy where I’m not yet so serious about exact results.

I was more going by how i look in the mirror every week on this one.

For me as a example, if i run tren,deca or npp my libido is throught the roof and the boner is insane all the cycle,my wife starting to complain because its not normal, i feel same also​:grinning::grinning: but whats the point that others get loss if libido and the hardeness of dick?.. different responding to nor -19?

It also appears as if I fit into the cohort regarding those who can use nandrolone without significant adverse effect… Granted my dosage is around 120mg weekly (give or take 5-10mg due to potential errors that occur regarding measuring out exact dosage)

I’d think the reason one sees so many complaints regarding nandrolone, particularly pertaining to bodybuilding forums is that the populace talking about deca would be biased… why would one post about deca specifically unless they’ve specifically had issues? Similarly to google reviews… people who have bad experiences are more likely to go the extra mile, make a write-up, whereas those who have no issue won’t give it a second thought.

That being said, being able to use trenbolone without any significant impact on neurology, physical sides etc… you’re very lucky…

Are you a model? Within you’re profile pic not only are you very symmetrical, but you’re facial features are very appealing (facial features are defined, square jawline, stubble, but meticulously groomed to be shaped as to directly slope down you’re jawline etc)

We all have different neurological set-points… the way one drug interacts neurology/biological processes from person to person can differ dramatically… take amphetamine use in ADHD vs neurotypical individuals… the way the compound effects the neurology regarding these two cohorts differs dramatically

There is a net cardiotoxic, neurotoxic effect mediated by commonly used 19-nors that surpasses that of testosterone… hence the affinity for drugs of this particular class for inducing issues is comparatively quite a bit higher

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So probably im lucky one,the more nor-19 i take the more crazy libido and boner i get,i cannot control it is almost 24/7 on,insane…hard to not think about sex and do things.

Depends, anecdotally this is normal on tren, on deca not particularly

Same for me if its deca,npp or tren… didnt went more then 300mg week tren,300 npp and 400 of deca week… i get even kinda angry if my wife is on these days and i dont get sex,but getting used to it and trying to control much as possible,lol

You’re wife uses nandrolone?

I mean the “women days” period :joy:

Thanks man! I dunno if serious or not haha but if so thanks for compliment. Yes I used to do some modeling for a while, I was not at my biggest there but probably around leanest, was specially for photos like that, coz I honestly do not enjoy the lifestyle of being such low bf %. But for the photos was worth it :slight_smile:

At that time the agency did not want me to go above a certain weight and had to stay lean, later on I stopped being too serious about modeling so I could bulk up a bit more and enjoy normal foods and life etc with my wife.


Hey unreal, sorry to hijack, but you once said you have problems with anxiety. I tried something I can’t believe worked that well. I took benzos to sleep for a while last year cause I had bad sleep problems. And I can say one thing: benzos don’t even come close to the anxiolytic effect a KSM-66 Ashwagandha extract had on me. I took it for 4 days last week at 300 mg per day and after 3 days I stopped caring about anything that stressed me a few days ago. But I had to stop on Sunday cause I started not giving a shit about anything really. But damn that stuff was powerful. If you still struggle with anxiety and got no thyroid issues (hyper) then I’d try it. I will take it again but I need to figure out how I have to dose it. Maybe eod.