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8 Weeks In, Cycle Dying Out


Hi Guys.

15% bf
2nd cycle
first was 300 test cyp. result was : very happy i did only test, learnt that my body turns test to estrogen Very fast. After my cycle, trt did not work for 3-4 months. so lost all my gains.

I decided to go for a second cycle, very low dose tren, with trt test. added anavar halfway in. Fantastic.. until my kidney started to hurt real bad.

dropped the tren on week 5, 3 days later my kidneys were happy again.

i switched to NPP 100ed, and on week 7 all gains stopped.

i got a bit of puffy nips at week 8 so added letro. i take half a pill/ed, and that doesnt seem to destroy all my E2 at all.

2 days and nips were ok again.

today is start of week 9.
i almost stopped the cycle, but i have a tear in my shoulder that needs to heal asap. so i have decided to keep going with the npp, add 300 test cyp/w and 40 anavar/ed

i will do this for another two weeks. just enough time for my shoulder to get somewhat better.

here is my 1st question.

why would gains stop coming in at week 7? i know things slow down but ...this is a bit much. especially now that i upped the dose tp 700 npp/w

i have come up with a few ideas.

1st) i started with tren, then went to npp. less receptor binding power.
2nd) npp does not work for everyone
3)my shbg is through the roof... but dont know if this is valid as i dont know if it works the same way with deca as with test.
4) my cycles simply need to end sooner
5)i dont sleep much as i have nppsomnia

2nd question... does anyone have any clue as to what can make trt not work for 3-4 months after a three month cycle?

im worried about trt not working after this cycle, .. i would loose my mind if i went back down to 0!