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8 Week Strength Cycle

Hey all,

I’m coming close to finishing the taper off of running 500mg/week of Test C. The recovery and strength gains were awesome!! Once I finish the taper and rest for about 3 weeks or so, I’m gonna run a hard 8-week strength cycle.

I’ve searched high and low for strength cyles but couldn’t find anything concrete. I know tren is a hard hitting androgen along with halotestin. But has anyone ever ran something that’s safe and extremely effective?

I’m thinking about this one…

Weeks 1-8: 750 mg/week of test e
Weeks 1-4: 25mg/day of d-bol
Weeks 1-4: 10/20/30/40mg/day of anavar
Weeks 4-8: 25/30/35/40mg/day of tren ace
Weeks 4-8: 10/20/30/40mg/day of halotestin

I would need some detailed advice on how to taper off of the orals and also, for PCT as I have no clue about using orals. A little bit of RTFF would help of course, but for now, just want your advice on this.

Thanks in advance all…


How long did you run the Test C? Why such a short break?

BTW, I am not concerned with weight gain very much as I’m not training for a competition. However, I have to keep it at bay somewhat due to the presence of jealous individuals in my occupation…

I ran the test C for 12 weeks at 500mg/week.

I was reading someplace that if tapering properly, there really is no need for a lengthy break. Is three weeks waaaaay too short?

safe? I havent take either of the compounds but in general Tren and Halo together (especially halo at 40 mg/day) is not considered the safest of stack.

  • why the tapering up of doses of everything?

  • you are on orals the whole 8 weeks, and considering the hepatoxicity of halo, that might need to be looked at. Also what do you expect from 10 mg/day of halo, or 10 mg/day of anavar.

why not test, tren, or test, tren, masteron, or test and halo. It seems you are taking of of the riskiest paths with this proposed cycle.

In whole: this cycle is terrible… everything about it is terrible. Read more and then come back here with a different cycle.

I pulled this cycle from an issue of md…

so would you suggest running test, tren, and halo?

I would suggest doing some of your own research about a cycle, knowing what the compounds do, how to treat side effects etc before asking more naive questions. The stickies at the top are there for you.

I didn’t read it all, but:

Is going to be fucking brilliant.

BUT - as others have said, don’t bother ramping up doses for it’s own sake. By all means if you try 30mg tren ED, and you do ok, keep bumping it up until you find a good spot for you.

If I were you, I’d try tren from day 1, and if sides are ok, then run it the whole way through. Gains just keep on coming with that motherfucker.

As for PCT, read the stickies and propose your own, then we’ll be glad to help.

Good luck

yeah…I’ve been reading a bit about the different compounds but haven’t found much on halotestin.

Also, when I was tapering up on the doses, that was a weekly dosage. For example, I’d run 25mg/ED for the first week, then 30mg/ED for the second, and so on. I was tapering up on a daily basis…that’s fucking weird to begin with.