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8 Week Stacking Cycle

My name is Quenten and live in Suriname a country in South America just above Brasil.

I intend to start an 8 week stack cycle but would like to get your opinion on this and the best PCT plan for this.

My 8 weeks stack looks like this:

• Mass Mix 1 350 mg / ml or Test Mix 300 mg / ml & N2Guard
• Tri Trenbolone (200 mg or 250 mg or 300 mg / ml)
• Superdrol 350 plus (4 weeks Supply)

I look forward to your positive response and advice.

In advance I thank you for your professional advice.

Is this a first cycle? Tren generally isn’t a good idea for a 1st, as a matter of fact, tren isn’t usually a necessity until one has a desire/need to step on stage.

If this is a first cycle keeping with test is all you need

You can run the s-drol as a kickstart, however methyldrostanolone displays a very, VERY high level of hepatotoxicity and nephrotoxicity relative to other c17-aa anabolics, (the dimethylation creates even further resistance to hepatic breakdown). While adverse affects from superdrol are likely acute and relatively unlikely to cause significant long term harm given the short duration of use (this is assuming you don’t go into hypertensive crisis, acquire hepatic or renal failure etc), frequent, intermittent use of an oral such as methyldrostanolone can cause a LOT of long term issues. Finally lipids, both tren and s-drol will wreck you’re lipids, contributing to long term atherosclerotic burden

Higher mg/ml solutions of gear use different solvents (ethyl oalate for example) to cause what would otherwise be a super saturated solution to remain stable. The various solvents used can and are notorious for causing adverse injection site reactions (mostly in the form of PIP, swelling etc). For a first timer using lower mg/ml concentration gear is advisable. The amount of PIP one experiences is subjective to the individuals bodies reaction to said solvents, individual pain tolerance etc. You don’t want to start with 300mg/ml, find it it’s too painful to pin and toss it… That’s a waste of moneyz, although I’ve tossed many 100s of dollars of gear in the trash before.

PCT, tanoxifen is generally recommended given its lower prevelance of sides compared to clomiphene, both aren’t entirely risk free though, however i’ll leave you to do the research on selective estrogen receptor modulators.

Idk what a mass mix is. I have some ideas but regardless if your gomma run the superdrol then stick with this test. Actually if you can just getba single ester testosterone that would be best. Preferably enanthate or cypionate

I briefly read what unreal said but i think i saw him say ditch the tren. I agree. If you insist tho again get a single ester tren preferably ace so you can stop quicker if it isnt working out

Pct. Nolva 40/40/20/20

Hi everyone thank you for you advice. Before I already use testestosterone 250mg with deca.
But I really want to step up my game. I also read that you say I can leave the superdrol. So can I only focus on a test mix or just a sustanon 250mg stacking with a normale tren? Further if I use these steroids which supplement can I buy alongside ? Because I was thinking of whey protein and whey casein, pre workout, creatine and an belta al. Is it worth the risk?

Trenbolone is steroids on steroids, it’s just about (welllllll, I guess it depends on genetic predispositions), the HARSHEST injectable anabolic on the market. If you’re using anabolic steroids for fun and/or to experiment then just stick with the test.

As to other supps, whey and casein and gooooooooood, casein digests slower than whey, but both when taken will elevate protein synthesis to a statistically significant degree. Ditch the PWO, they’re either bunk or full of stims, you don’t need that shit. Beta alanine is a decent supp for exercise tolerance/ overall endurance and is low risk.

Thank you I appreciate it. So for me it is better to stick with sustanon 250mg and deca. And my supps can be whey protein and the casein, the creatine and the bela al.

And what pct plan can I use?