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8 Week Program Change?


Hello CT,

i ve been working around 1,5 Month with your program “best damm workout for natural”.

I am lifting now:
Deadlift : 305 p x6
Front Squat : 225p x6
Benchpress: 200p x6
Bodyweight: 187p

Now, end of the next week i have holidays for 8 weeks - and I could recover better / train more. Therefore I wanted to ask you about some modification over this period.

first: should i maybe change in one of your 6/8 week templates? to get a peak period in my training time?
If yes - which one would you recommend ?

second: if you don’t recommend a template change - is their any opportunity to
focus more maybe on arms ? 38cm on my weight seems pretty small compared to the rest of the body.

third: maybe overall increase in workload per week? if yes how would you do it?

I only want the get the hell out of my 8 weeks :slight_smile:

kind regards,