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8 Week Plan/Cycle for Fat Loss, Opinions?

Hey guys,

I need your opinions about this plan for fat loss.
Plan for 8 weeks:

4 meals per day = Total (2000 cal + 150g protein + 120g carbs + 90g fats).
T3 = 75mcg per day
Test short ester = 300mg per week
CLA = 3g per day
Omega 3 = 2g per day
2 workout per day = AM at gym + PM at cardio

After 8 weeks, I will take PCT + ECA

Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

do you really need the drugs? I would just stick to your diet plan, 2000 cals is poverty cals so you should make some good progress.

T3 does not need ECA. The rest is true, but that one is bullshit. If you’d like to cut without anabolics and pct use clen or albuterol with your T3. Problem solved.

good progress so far, well done. however you want to get down to 70kg, why? that is very light considering you were over 100kg before - unless you were obese? how tall, or rather how short are you?

ECA does not boost the thyroid gland. And if you are afraid of losing some muscle while you’re doing this cut then I don’t know what to tell you. That’s part of cutting. Running an eight week cycle based around T3 rather than specific steroids is pretty unusual. Maybe just eat better like everyone else does. Unless you’re competing (in which case do whatever you want) then you don’t need to hit your target in eight weeks. You can do it in 12 or 14 or whatever and avoid this whole mess.

165 cm and yes, I were obese.

Thank you for your opinion.

Do you have thyroid labs? I take cytomel (T3) to lower RT3. You might have really good thyroid function already? In which case clen makes more sense.