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8 week mag10 cycle

I have read up all about the mag10 2 weeks on/2 weeks off routine. But I think want to do a longer cycle. I would like to take it for about 8 weeks and I have some clomid for recovery. Has anyone done this? Should I stick to 1 serving or should I pyramid or frontload? Thanks.

I’d frontload for sure, then do 1 serving per day. Come off with Tribex and M, or Clomid if you already have it. Methoxy would certainly help too if you can afford it. The steroid guys really seem to like it for coming off and “bridging”. BTW, Bill Roberts, the dude who formulated MAG-10, says that you’d get better results with 2 on/2 off in the long run verses 8 straight on, but I’d be interested in hearing your results.

I am doing a similar cycle right now I am on my 29th day of it.
I am using mag10 at 10ml/day[2x5ml/day]. I am using it for mainly strenght gains but I have gained some good quality muscle on it as well.Roughly 10-11 lbs, mainly muscle despite the fact that I haven’t been eating very clean.
I found it amazing how hard it was to put fat on during this cycle :)I started at 8% of Bf now I am 9%. I have been training westside style the first four weeks and now I will switch to a 5x5 program.My squat went up 35 lbs on my 5RM and my bench increased 22 lbs on my 4RM.Mind you I was sick on my 2nd and 3rd week … Hoewer I still went to the gym and did my best.I think for size 4on [4off with clomid] 4on … and recover with clomid should do the trick for you. 1 serving [double dose on day one] a day is enough for you if you aren’t an experienced kitchen chemist ;). You haven’t give much info for us on your self have you?

Thanks for the reply. I have heard that before. I always wondered though if that was the recomendation more because of safety and because biotest is liable for their products rather then effectiveness. I have read all that i can find in the search engines and I cant find an actual explanation why the 2 weeks on/two weeks off is more effective and not just easier on your hormonal system. After all, in the begining of the pro-steriod roundtable it states that Brock tested 4-ad-ec by injecting the stuff for 6 weeks. Not 2. He said the only reason he stoped was that he ran out. Really I want to do what works best. So if the 2 week cycling is better then I’ll probably go that way but I would love to know why. Thanks everyone.

Thanks for your experience. I’m 5-10 195 lbs and just getting back into it. Right now I am concentrating on getting back in shape and loosing a bunch of fat I have gained during my lay-off. After that point however I want to bulk up and am considering my mag-10 options. So it will be at least 6 weeks before I would begin using mag-10. I have a consistant shoulder problem which has caused me to quit lifting in the past. This time i am determined to do things diferently. I am going to concentrate on rehap and fat loss so that hopefully I wont have any shoulder problems when I begin mag-10.