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8 Week Cycle

Whats up fellas. I am going to be running an 8wk cyle of test cyp and Tren ace. Its going to be a lean bulker. It looks like this

wks 1-6 Test cyp (600mg wk)
wks 3-8 Tren ace (400mg wk)

My question is this. I have proviron and Oral Turinabol. Where should these be placed in the cycle? I have a couple of ideas, but I wanted some other opinions. Thanks guys.

I would do the test right along with the tren ac. (weeks 1-8). I would do 50mg/d of proviron weeks 1-11 to keep up the sex drive and to keep estro down. Tbol…you could place in the beginning, or the end…whichever you choose…

6 weeks is entirely too short for Test C. Make it 10-12 for good measure. Tbol as mentioned you be a kick start or even a bridge. I always recommend Proviron at 25mg ED or 50mg EOD. Some like more but those dosages are enough for the desired effects; especially since you’re not on Deca