WHAt are everyones thoughts of running an 8wk cycle of 1-Test/4-ADat 600mg a day? Do you think this would be too long, Has anyone done this before?

That’s probably not too harsh a cycle. I’ve seen people over at avantlabs.com forum run similar cycles. They usually run nolva and 6-oxo PCT, I’m sure long jack would help too.

Thanks for the reply wideguy, im not sure why they put this in the steroid section, but Hey at least I got a reply.

I aam currently starting week 3 and have not seen much in the way of gains really, should I bump up the dosage or just wait till week 4 and then reevaluate? I am taking transdermal S1+ 2 doses a day(5 squirts a dose) and was thinking of upping it to like 6 or 7 squirts.

Any thoughts?