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8 week cycle

Considering the whole synergistic benefits of stacking, let’s say I did the following: Week 1-6: Sust 1000mg/week (or Sust 500+Tren 375mg? if I can get the Tren), Winstrol 50mg/day…Week 7-8: taper with Primo at 600mg/week+D-bol at 50mg/day…Week 9(-10) D-bol at 25mg morning/noon. Clomid throughout.
Would you modify anything? You can probably see the reasoning behind the various choices…
Tren adds to the AR-mediated effects of Testosterone, while Winstrol is synergistic via non-AR means, and also added to reduce water-retention. For the last 2 weeks I’m opting for Primo (might go with Deca since it’s only for two weeks, though) to ease the transition into the off-period, along with D-bol for synergism. Once a day dosing of D-bol for weeks 9 and 10 while Primo is still lingering in the system for better recovery, as well…
I expect this to give decent gains with low water retention and good post-cycle recovery. Let me add that I’m 6’, 230lbs, 8%bf, and 2on/4off gave me insufficient gains.

Doesn’t anyone have an opinion on this cycle? Bill Roberts? Brock Strasser? We’re actually 3 guys doing the same cycle here, and when I posted this cycle on another message board - there were many lifters wanting to try this cycle…so any input - pros and cons - would be extremely appreciated!