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8 Week Cycle, Taper or SERM PCT?



I'm doing an 8 week cycle of test E at 500mg/w as soon as I can get my hands on some Adex (which for some reason seems to be impossible to get in this country), and I can't decide if I should go for a 4 week stasis + taper or a traditional PCT.

This will be my first cycle.

I'm thinking that the taper approach will be a smoother way to come off, and for a 12 week cycle I would almost certainly go with it, but for an 8 w cycle I don't know...

I'd like to know your thoughts on this. Has anyone tried both? Or is there no advantage to the taper approach with a short-ish cycle such as this?


I've done both and I think a standard SERM PCT will be quite comfortable for you. Bottom line is at one point you are back at your normal testosterone level and that is an adjustment after having significantly more during cycle.

Both work well. 8 weeks is short enough for SERM PCT.




I have never used the taper approach, but used a SERM PCT on an 8 week cycle with good results.


Are we talking 8 week short ester cycle? Or more like 10 weeks shut down? I am debating the same thing myself.


Mine was 8 weeks of Prop.


I have done both, and i personally think the taper method should be used exclusively for people who have been on for a long time - 4+ months of heavily suppressive AAS/doses.

The SERM PCT is a very effective way to speed recovery of the HPTA post cycle, and it is definitely sufficient for your needs (First cycle, 8 weeks, mod dose).

FWIW, adex is easily attainable in most countries that post here - except possibly Oz and Kiwi.. ;p



Thanks a lot guys. SERM it is :slight_smile:

Brook - Getting Adex has proven to be a challenge, but I might be looking in the wrong places. My source said he might get some in a couple of weeks, and that usually means "not gonna happen".

Getting some through customs will be difficult, they've got some new machines and they're stopping pretty much everything these days. Even my low carb tortillas got sent back for containing something on their "no" list :stuck_out_tongue:


So you are in NZ or Oz i assume.. Thats tough.

I think it is down to luck.. they stopped AS gear first of anyone - they are very very good at their job.

Where does your source get his stuff from? I dont mean which site or a name of course, but locally? Internationally? Homemade? Vets? Docs?



No, not NZ or Oz... Much colder LOL

I believe my source gets his shipped in by car from a neighbouring country with less anal customs. I don't know for sure, though. Haven't bothered to ask :wink: