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8 Week Cycle. Need Help


I am entering into the 8th week of a 9 week cycle. Test Cyp 500mg one shot weekly. I only have 1000mg left. Would it matter if I just finished the rest this week? 500mg mon, 500mg thurs and be done with it? I have nolva only 20mg 30 tabs. should I run 40,20,20 ?

Stats 6'5
22% bf


Run the nolva for 28-30 days or so. Break it down so it fits in that time frame.

And you should have been injecting the test twice a week in the first place. Doing so now is fine.


even after doing 500mg a week? 1000mg won't do any damage in the last week?


what do you mean by "damage"?

should be fine to up it at the end. just make sure you start pct two weeks after your last shot

have you been running an AI? personally if i was to double the dose on the last week i would probably up the AI usage slightly just to air on the side of caution


No I haven't been running AI. First time user worked out for 15 yrs now. Just wanted to see if one cycle would do anything. I put on about 13 lbs. I look a lil bigger, strength went up but not dramatically. I was able to do 275X 18 reps last week. I guess damage meaning sexual dysfunction? I haven't had any issues with that or gyno since starting...


Any help or at least the right stickie I could read?? Thanks