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8 Week Cycle (My First)


This is my first cycle. I have been doing research, and I think this should be rigth for what I want. My goal is to burn off excess body fat, while gaining muscle mass.

8 Week Cycle
Sustanon 250- 250mg injection every 10 days.
Clenbuterol- 120mg oral 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.
Clomid- 50mg a day

I also have Win on hand that I bought, $2 a pill, 100 pills.
I bought them from a training at thhe gym i go to. I'm not sure if they are really win, or a fake.
The pill is blue, and its the kind that come apart, think they call that time releace?

I'll say thanks in advace for the advice, flaming, that I get. Should I add anything, take more of anything?


Ok. where to start, where exactly did you do your “research” at? i can assure you it wasnt on here as i will guarantee not one person advised you to inject sus250 every 10 days. If you use the search feature on this oh so wonderful site you will find more than a couple threads on this issue within the past month.

Im feeling good since its payday so here goes, ill give my 2 cents. Because of the longer esters you may think that you can get away with it, but your in for an emotional roller coaster ride. With the prop esters in it, it needs to be shot at least EOD ( ED would be best) and for your first cycle this can be a daunting task you have ahead. You really dont want the sides that would occur from the 10 day injecs, certainly not on your first go with AAS.
Or Ever for that matter. Do yourself a HUGE favor and hold off until you can nab some test enanthate, You can shoot it E3D and you’ll be much happier with the consistancy.

Cant help with clen as ive never tried it and dont really want to as its kinda nasty.

As For the clomid, when do you plan on starting this 50mg a day?


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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Dude, eat and train right and you can improve the condition of your muscles, whilst reducing bodyfat.

however, if you are significantly overweight, then just do a ‘cut’. Don’t try to bulk and cut simultaneously, or you won’t be much more muscular OR much leaner.

Actually, fuggit, tell us your stats, pronto!

Also, the cycle you’ve outlined is ‘poor’ at best, for the reassons G_O outlined.

Clen is a nasty drug. You would need to taper up and then down over the 2 weeks. Do not even think of commencing with the full 120mcg.


       I can't imagine what a nightmare would ensue commencing with the full dosage he outlined.

                 Good lord.