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8 Week Bulk Followed by a 4 Week Cut


So im doing a bulk cycle in a few days, i posted on a forum that im doing 12 weeks of tren, that was to much, so im doing 8 now. Then something popped up on my mind, havent really got a proper answer to this question, can i do my tren bulk for 8 weeks and then do a cut for 4 weeks.

This is my cycle

100mg tren ace eod
85mg test prop eod
0.25mg adex eod
0.25mg caber e3d
500iu hcg ew

So when i drop tren at week 8, can i continue with test p and add win/var. If not, explain why
Thank you


I would bulk with more test then run tren for a 6 to 8 week cut, bulk should be about 10 12 weeks