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8 Week Bulk, 4 Week Cut SARM


Hello, first post new to the site. Wondering what the effects would be of a first time SARM cycle, been doing as much research as I can on here but have just a few clarifications that maybe someone who is more experienced than me can clear up.

Age 20.5, 6’ 3", 185 lbs and I would estimate 11-12% BF. Been training since high school, much more seriously in the last 2 or so years. Always been able to get lean (Top 4 abs visible), but never been able to get the completely shredded look. Coming off around 8 weeks of pretty strict dieting 900 calorie deficit (A cheat meal once a week), with 500 calories cardio 4-5 days a week. More cardio to compensate if a unhealthy meal is ate. At the beginning, weighed 195-200. Now leaner but have lost significant muscle mass and still do not have a fully visible 6 pack.

Goal is to initially bulk while hopefully slightly lowering BF%, then focus on maintaining that mass and cutting BF% to the 7-8% range towards the end. This is the 12 week cycle and pct I have determined would meet this criteria. Bulk lean mass for 8 weeks, then transition into a cut that would end at the end of pct. Not looking to become massive, would like to achieve a more natural look however with more muscle maintained at a low BF%. Would love some feedback/suggestions!

Lean Bulk

1-8 LGD-4033 5mg
1-8 S4 50 mg (Split a.m. p.m.)
1-8 Aromasin
1-8 Hcgenerate (?)


6-12 Albuterol 24 mg
6/8-12 T3 Cycled up to 50 mcg
9-12 Osta 25 mg


9-12 Clomid 25 mg
9-12 Unleashed/Post Cycle
9-12 Forma Stanzol

Side Notes:

  1. Please do not recommend GW. I understand the studies are controversial, but I would like to air on the side of caution.

  2. Would like to lean very far on the side of caution and going overboard in terms of Pct and Gyno safety etc. If there is anything else you recommend adding in this regard please inform me!

  3. Also interested in Mk-677 to add to this cycle. However, due to the young age I am hesitant. I also do not want to take any possibility of risking a distended stomach or other complications.

Really appreciate anyone who takes the time to help me out on this!


Interested in your sarm cycle. Looks good, but I have no experience with sarms myself so I couldn’t help you there. It’s something I’m actually looking into my self. The stack I want look almost identical.


You should just got some test and tren.


Not a fan of SARMS. tried them all from a very reputable company. You are better off just getting on the needle. SARMS are pretty damn expensive if you want to see results. To me it makes more sense to get on a decent gear cycle.