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8 week 250mg of Test C. My First Cycle at 18 Years Old

Lol, 18 is far from mature in every aspect, physically, mentally, etc. I just cringed at the thought of me doing this at 18 years old.

But I don’t see anything wrong with you going that route in your case. Most people don’t have the potential for anything higher in life. If you are drawn to this at your age, it means you are part of this group.

Best path for you in life is to enjoy the process of undoing and deregulating what nature has created for you with drugs, steroids or other, because you are not going anywhere anyway with what nature has given you.

Go on any other forum and you will see tons of basic bros on steroids, who dream about sport cars, etc and who all wish they started earlier and who will want to give them to their son at puberty. You are like them, and you will regret not taking them earlier. Don’t take advices from people you are not like.

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Bump it to 500 mg too, 250 mg has the same risks than 500 mg but less rewards.

They’re called lambos brah! Lambos!

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Are in you a MD endo in Québec? I think I remember you ages ago talking with CT in french.

If you are give me an hint and I’ll meet you after finding you, I am tired of endocrinologists scared of being scared and with zero concern for any kind of optimisation.

If you’ve trainers monitoring you and proper PCT, why are you here? Not being condescending or anything, I’m genuinely curious.

this shows exactly how little you know. For one thing, HTPA shutdown is not dose-dependent. You could run 100mg/day and you’d be shut down after a few weeks. It really doesn’t matter. There are several factors that are most relevant to recovery from a cycle. One is age. That is the one you have going for you. 2 is cycle experience. The more cycles you run, the higher the likelihood that you don’t properly recover. You’re putting yourself at a higher risk for less recovery each time you do this to yourself. The DMZ cycle was certainly suppressive, so that’s a strike against you. Proper pct is another recovery factor. And the last major one is genetics. This is the big unknown. Some people never recover after their first cycle, and end up on TRT for the rest of their life, regardless of how well they plan their cycle. This is the biggest reason to stay away from steroids as long as possible, unless you’re willing to commit to a lifetime of needles. That’s a huge risk in my opinion. The odds are minimal, but they are non-zero.

So let’s talk about testosterone levels for a minute. Did you get bloodwork prior to starting this cycle? The only way you can properly gauge recovery from a steroid cycle is not by feel, but by numbers. For your age, there’s a pretty good chance you’re in the 900 range for testosterone. Could be higher, could be lower, but let’s assume that for a moderate guess. At the height of a steroid cycle dosed at 250/ week, you’re not likely to get your total testosterone above 1800, and that will only be for a few weeks. Doubling your testosterone sounds like a lot, but for, say, 8 weeks, with several weeks following the cycle at close to zero as you recover, the NET EFFECT will not be good. There’s a serious chance that any gains made in such a weak cycle will be lost during PCT. So what you end up with is a net gain of zero at best, and a very real chance that you never recover completely, which would equate to a net loss. In gambling terms, this is not a good bet.

I hope this explanation hits home. If you’re a reasonable person, it should.


I quit the cycle after talking to many respected people in the area. Since I was only shot up twice with a super low dose of test C, I can walk away from this cycle like it never happened. I am going to wait and master nutrition, supplementation, and training to the best of my advantage before any juice.


slow clap nice work kid, see you are smart. We were all there at some point, young and thinking we knew better than anyone, happy you came around. My only advice workout wise would be to really get on a good strength program first off. I see groups of kids your age at the gym just going through the motions on some crap program they read about online or their coach told them about, none of which include the big lifts. They’ll get no gains, get discouraged, probably looking to turn to AAS while you can make real gains naturally while your hormones are kickin ass. good luck man


@akost hopefully see you around other parts of the forums, learning the true fundamentals of gaining strength and size.