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8 week 250mg of Test C. My First Cycle at 18 Years Old


Im a week into it, and I have seen minor changes such as being more full, dry and even vascular. What do you guys think?

Im 5’10 180-184 pure ectomorph who has run 3 SARM cycles and a DMZ cycle prior. What do you guys think?



You’re too young to be using steroids, letalone already have 4 steroid-lite cycles under your belt.


What is your question?


Do you understand HPTA shutdown, fertility risks and understand what your PCT will be and have those items on hand now?


First off you’re screwing with your entire system and you haven’t even jacked up your testosterone that much. 18-year-olds tend to be quite high already. Do you really plan on going on lifetime cruise? You’re really not at 14 week cycles levels. You’re more than is natural. probably, though we would need a blood test know that for sure. So now you’re having to screw with your excessive estrogen levels (man boobs), worrying about your fertility, your gonads are shrinking. And there are naturals at the gym who’s testosterone levels are close to yours.

Can you see why 18-year-olds shouldn’t be doing this? You don’t know what they’re doing, you probably don’t need it and screwing up your system this young. You have decades of sticking needles in your body because of it


Now that you’ve had a most deserve lecture you’ll find this site has lots of stickies. where you can learn how to properly screw yourself up. Or maybe not screw yourself up and run a proper cycle that will not leave you permanently damaged


250 a week will not fuck my hormone balance if I do it right. I feel like every old guys response on here I do quick to put it down not knowing how a cycle can improve muscle maturity for years down the road.


If you already know what you’re doing, why bother posting here?


Just want some extra advice


I would advise you to stay away from steroids because of your age.


old guys = the most experienced and knowledgeable ones you get the most accurate advice from, which you will promptly ignore


Well let’s see. I guess I am old at 38. But I’m a doctor who runs a low t clinic and a competitive bodybuilder and I can tell you that your paltry dose of 250mg a week will only serve to shut you down and jack up your downstream derivative hormones. But yea. I’m sure your experienced trainers and good brain will take care of all that for you. Oh also - your piss cycle won’t do anything for “muscle maturity”. I’m sure you’re a smart kid and all but remember us old guys probably have a mean of 25 years on you of experience and your “trainers” are clearly idiots. A lot of us on here just don’t want to see you fuck yourself up.


Ran my first cycle at 34. Proper pct, proper dosing, proper drugs. I’m good with good tests and good results 3 cycles in at 36. I have a friend I saw today that was at the gym… he’s 24, he’s on trt for 2 yrs now and he ran one stupid cycle at 19… he’s hating it… he refuses to ever use steroids (other than his meds for trt) again for fear of fucking himself up worse… we all know someone who did it wrong… and there’s so many ways to do this thing wrong. You are on the #1 traveled path to fuck up your system for life… and your not even gonna see results like you think you will… your testicles WILL quit producing their own test at that dose. Your body ISN’T ready for pct drugs. Your NOT smart enough to even get this, though… “Im 18 and a half and i half ED,” should be your PSA in a few months…
I’m out.


I’m going to take a leap of faith and assume you are old enough to comprehend very basic logic. I’m usually wrong but several kids your age here have proven it’s possible.

If a trainer assists an 18 year old who is doing a cycle, the kid had better at least be someone who has the potential to make a lucrative career out of the sport. Otherwise, the trainer is a piece of shit and probably the one who sold you the drugs.

Do you think it’s logical to believe anything a piece of shit tells you, even if it’s what you want to hear or how much of a nice guy you perceive him to be? If not, then you should be questioning what you think you know when people who have experience with these drugs give you advice without any monetary incentive attached to it.


So ive had 2 injections for this cycle so far. What would you do if you were me?


Aaanndd, im back… a week in and already seeing results… nice bro… keep juicing… its gonna do everthing you want it to…


Stop taking shit. Just stop altogether now. Run pct in 21 days. Stay natural for years and learn how to gain with training, diet, and rest…


I would wait 14/21 days and do a very mild pct and test bloods.


so dont inject again?


I sure as hell would advise you not to