▶️ 8 Safety-Squat Exercises that Go Beyond Squats

This unique bar allows your spine to stay more neutral and upright. It minimizes shear forces on the lower back and allows you to use a greater range of motion through your hips, knees, and ankles. You’ll actually feel good using a full range of motion.

So what else can you do with it besides a standard squat? Lots. Check out these exercises.

Mike Over

00:00 So Many Ways to Use the Safety-Bar Squat
00:17 Safety-Bar Walking Lunge
00:35 Safety-Bar Good Morning
00:56 Safety-Bar Loaded Carry
01:11 Hatfield Safety-Bar Squat
01:28 Hatfield Safety-Bar Squat, Elevated Heels
01:33 Hatfield Safety-Bar Split Squat
01:50 Hatfield Safety-Bar Split Squat, Lower Back Leg & Elevated Heel
01:59 Hatfield Safety-Bar Front Squat

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