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hey. i was wondering what types of excersises will allow me to get an 8-pack. I have an ok 6 pack right now but cannot form the bottom abdoninal muscles right bleow the belly button. any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Get a fire extinguisher Matt.

Diet, not exercises, will get you that 8 pack.

fire extinguisher?
i really want some advice.

There are genetic limits. But I don’t know in your case.

Depending on your body type you will have to drop your bodyfat well into the single digit range. I personally don’t think it is worth it for me. In body building there is a point of diminishing returns.

My 8-pack wouldn’t show… until i reached a bodyfat% of 7… :slight_smile:

Fire extinguisher because you’re going to get flamed. The 8 pack is a combo of diet and genetics. Try the tummy thins in Ian King’s abs program. Maybe they’ll help, bust mostly it is diet and genetics.

You can get an 8 pack if that’s what you truly desire. It’s just so hard to bring bf levels down so low. And then to stay there is tough too. You really have to eat cleanly and there isn’t much room for deviation in your diet either (energy levels will more than likely suffer too). There aren’t any exercises that are going to “bring out” those last 2. It’s all in your nutrition. Good luck!

Everyone is absolutely right as far as diet goes, but I would suggest that you reach where you want to as far as mass goes before you go for the ‘8’ pack… or you post everything you eat, including your age, and your body type (a number that might be helpful is the highest BF you’ve ever been so I can get a better idea). Be prepared for what you’ll look like though when you trim down to those levels. What BF% (roughly) are you now? The ‘decent’ 6 would lead me to believe you’re in the 7 range. If you’re higher, then there’s a lot more diet work to be done. Depending on your age I’d say you really need to get to 5%. The next question is… how strong is that area down there? Proper form on doing hanging leg raises is going to really develop that … not arching your back backwards… things like that. But anyway, post your full blown diet, and your current weight, height, and what you think is your BF, and your highest percentage BF and we’ll see what we can do. Do you want to gain more mass is another question… anyway post away.

thanks for all the advice. Im 17 years old. weight traning for 2 years 4-5 times a week.
I am white, 6’2, 170 pounds, probably 5-6 %Bf(not sure). Im kinda lanky but pretty muscular for 17. I do want to gain more mass (advice on supplements would be great). My abdominals are very strong, due to rigorous martial arts training. My diet is decent, i take protein, eat a lot of meat and carbs.
if you can help thanks

Matt Cross from Auckland?

Dude, no offense, but it’s apparent you’re not taking your own question that seriously. I asked you for your diet so as to offer my help, if you don’t give me any information I can’t help you. ‘I eat protein and carbs.’ About the only information you gave me there is that you have no clue about your diet… further evidence that is where you can really bring yourself to the next level. Maybe I didn’t make myself clear and because you’re young I’ll go easy on you: If you want my help, then I need to know exactly what you eat, when you eat it, how many calories, how many grams of protein, how many grams of fat, how many grams of carbs, what type of carbs, what type of fat, what type of protein, how often a day, how much space you have in between, and all that. Since you didn’t realize that, I’m guessing you have no clue. SO I think you should search through the articles before you get my help… honestly it sounds like you’re getting ahead of yourself. Massive eating, appetite for construction, foods that make you look great ‘nekkid.’ All articles you should check out. When you have checked out that stuff, and gotten some clue of why you’re bloating yourself with water retention making yourself probably look ‘smoother’ and softer than you probably are, then you can come back to me and I’ll be able to help you. ‘I eat protein and carbs.’ Good lord…

yo im sorry to waste your time like that. I am new at the whole diet thing and with only 2 years experience a complete rookie in weight lifting. I do thank you for your time and concern. i am going to take your advice and read through the articles and buy a couple books and create a diet plan because i have no idea of total carb intake or anything like that. however if you could answer one question for me. In general is there an age limit before you start taking suppliments? i know there are a sh*t load of questions that need to be answered, but in general i mean. Thank you for all your time.-Newbie

There’s no age limit. But, as others have pointed out, supplements won’t help unless you know how many calories you’re eating, grams of protein, etc. How do you know if you need a protein shake if you don’t know how many grams of protein you’re eating without it? Get the diet solid first and then add supps as needed.

werd dude… good luck… actually I wrote a post that didn’t go through and I addressed your supplement question… so I’m glad you’ve reminded me to post something on it. Basically as a neuroscientist and future MD, I would not recommend any hormonal changes until you are DONE growing unless otherwise recommended by your physician. If myostat works, then that’s probably the supplement to go with… but while your bones are still growing and your brain is still maturing, stay away from pro-hormones. I really can’t emphasize this enough. And you know… nothing is going to help you until you fix your diet. If you’re MAG-10ing, which again I don’t think anyone your age should touch, you’re going to get jack shit unless you eat lots. You haven’t reached even close to your plateau naturally… just keep heading in that direction… fix your diet… do your form well… do what works for you… play around… listen to us… but listen to yourself too…since you’ve done martial arts you should know your body pretty well… listen to it.

Diet is most likely the way to get those extra 2 packs. I dont know much about food allergies, but i am currently doing some studying in this field. It has been brought to my attention that a mild glutien intolerance may cause the intestines to become distended causing the lower abdominals to lose definition. If you are of western european descent this may be the case. Additionally you may attempt to isolate the bottom portions of the rectus abdominus using lower abdominal coordination exercises using a blood pressure cuff as a feedback mechanism. Hope this helps.