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8 p.m. wash off....

Can someone please explain why androsol has to be washed off before 8 p.m. on th enew revised cycle by Mr. Patterson? and please explain it in simple forms. and does it even need to be washed off?

It only needs to be washed off if you
are trying to use it in a manner where
inhibition of natural testosterone is
really minimal. For a 2 week cycle, there’s
no reason not to apply twice per day,
and it’s reasonably safe (but not guaranteed
to be) for longer use like 8 weeks as well.
But you might experience some testicle
shrinkage over 6 or 8 weeks if Androsol is
on the skin 24 hours per day.

I think the whole reason you wash before 8:00 is to prevent inhibition of L.H. Using this method I believe he said you could use it for 4 weeks. I have been able to use it for 3 weeks twice a day with no problems.

basically, Tim’s theory behind this is that the body’s natural levels of testosterone peak in the morning and bottom out during the night. Therefore he proposes to take the dose of androsol in the morning when the body is expecting a big test spike anyway. Taking androsol at night causes the body to realize a lot higher level of test than it is used to and causes a negative feedback response and starts to supress the normal production of testosterone. The whole point of taking it in the morning is to not supress the test you already have and he theorizes you can take it longer. hope this helps.

Is there any reason to do the 8pm wash off if you are using Nandrosol? BTW how does nandrolone increase strength and suchs differently than?

but one still has to wash off the morning dose from his skin if hes applying the second dose of the day correct?

chris…yes, the first application should washed off prior to the second application. If my memory serves me correctly, Tim and Bill said that the wash-off should be within 12 hours of application (ie. first application at 7am, wash off and apply second application by 7pm).

If you apply 2 times a day for two weeks…
Would it be safe to apply MORNING ONLY for another week or two after the twice daily cycle?

Yes, I believe you can apply Androsol or
Nandrosol in the morning only, washing off
early evening, for a couple of weeks
after a full-blown, twice a day cycle. If
doing 2 on / 4 off though I would still
want to have a couple of weeks after that,
the last two, completely off.

When applying twice per day, no, it’s not
necessary at all to wash off the previous

Bill, I apologize for putting words in your mouth (writing), so to speak. I thought the original protocol required a wash-off. I was under the impression Androsol was only to be applied after showering and the skin was clean. Thanks for clearing this up for myself and the others. I’m looking forward to my first run with Androsol, starting next week…

Actually, Timbo, what happened on the
showering-twice-a-day thing is that you
were remembering something Tim Patterson
wrote on the subject. He had recommended
it, and liked it personally – I suppose
he likes showering twice a day or his
schedule including workout schedule makes
that appropriate – but it’s not necessary
nor does it have any advantage so long as
your skin is dry for the second application.
It’s certainly clean enough still if you showered earlier in the day, unless you
were out working in the dirt or dust or

Bill, I didn’t think I was totally losing my marbles. I knew I read that somewhere. I did have one more question for you, Mr. Roberts, while we’re on the subject of Androsol application. If using the 2 week, morning and evening protocol, is there an advantage to the timing of application in reference to the training session itself? Being a novice with the pro-hormone supplements, I was wondering if there were any motivatinal/psychological benefits to the application. I thought I read where it made Brock pretty much balls-to-the-wall toward his dog, but I didn’t know if the effects were consistent throughout the day or just soon thereafter the application. Thanks, Bill, I appreciate your input. BTW, I’m very new to the anabolic scene and really haven’t much a clue to how they work. Recently I’ve become interested and have been reading some of your articles on another website…absolutely fascinting! I really enjoy them and am learning a ton.

I find if I do not shower that on my second application, I get the white powder buildup. How can I avoid this because that second 12hr later shower is a pain in the butt.