8 Out Of 12 Weeks Low Carb

Hay guys,

I have been on been on a low carb diet for 8 weeks and have 5 weeks left, i didn�??t have heaps of body fat to begin with about 13% and i should be at the high 10’s at the moment

My program consists of carb cycling

2x High carb Days 150g
1x Medium Carb days 80g
3x low Carb Days 40g

Training consisted of first 3 days of Heavy Weights and 2 days IBUR (HIIT) 15 min

IBUR has changed on week 4 to 8 to Lactate work outs followed by 30 min low paced high incline cardio.

I have gained some muscle on this diet and dropped fat.

5 Weeks to go and i still having trouble getting rid of the last bit of lower stomach fat, its small but its a bloody pain.!!!

My question to you guys is that, i don�??t feel I am getting much progress in fat loss from my lactate work outs and low paced cardio.

I am thinking of replacing 1 of these for a IBUR (HIIT) session or maybe even both. I want to try to preserve my muscle as much as i can but i really want to get rid of this last bit of lower stomach fat.

Any advice would be great.

my calorie intake is 2000cal a day

am 170cm tall and weight 65kg

Am i being impatient? or should i change something slightly.

any advice would be greatly appreciated