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8 Months Post Surgery


Pre surgery weight 87kgs
Current weight 75kgs
Goal weight 80kgs while maintaining leaness
8 months post surgeries because of rugby

Started paying more attention to diet and food combinations
Started taking Indigo 3G ytd, carb intake on training days are 270g, 240g pro, 75g fat. Non training days are 150g carbs, 240g pro, 90g fat. Carbs are taken mostly around workouts, on non training days consuming carbs after taking indigo 3g


Back 1


Back 2


Abs 1


Abs 2


Great leanness. It’s obvious you watch your diet very closely (or have an insane metabolism). Not sure what you’re looking for as far as advice is concerned. Forearms and biceps could be improved, but not sure if ideal balance is your goal or not. For back development, you’re looking pretty amazing. Great definition of the teres major and rear delts. The erector spinae shows good balance with your abs (aka great core development).

Work on the traps, especially in the mid-back area. The upper traps/shoulder look pretty good. The lats are coming along but more width (using a wider grip for pull downs and pull ups) will give you a more balanced look with a more dramatic taper/v-shape which will add a lot. Great work.