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8 Months of Lifting and Eating Clean


I went from 278 to 200 by lifting a 4 day split. Running on off days fasted in the am. Carb cycling, Low on most lift days, none on rest days, and a high/reefed on legs. Sort of hit a dead spot.. Currently starting 5/3/1 to help build a little mass and strength that I lost.


Do you want an honest rating or what are you trying to achieve by posting this?


If your trying to get stronger you're on the right type of program but if you want some mass you're better of on a hypertrophy program with higher rep range for t.u.t.


High reps add the same mass as low reps.If you get stronger at high reps you will get stronger at low reps, same as if you get stronger on low reps you will get stronger at high reps.What you( and what most people mean when they say you should do high reps for mass) is volume.More sets and more frequency.


No.. I meant what I said... In my experience if I want to add size I need to go between 8 to 15 reps. Optimal time under tension for hypertrophy is between 40sec and 70sec. I can't hit that target time frame on 5 reps. I prefer to do a 6-8week proram with high reps as mentioned then spend a month on lower reps to add strength. I do agree that after my strength program I get stronger on the higher reps but to add size higher reps = better results.. Just my opinion.


There's no secret sauce here. Everyone is different. You carry a normal amount of fat for eating "clean". What is clean to you? Good job on the fat loss of 78 lbs though.


Why do bodybuilders (on average) use higher reps than powerlifters then? Why are there so many bodybuilders with great builds but are outclassed in terms of strength to powerlifters in the same weight class? Why could Platz out rep Fred Hatfield yet get destroyed when they maxed out?

While getting stronger at high reps will cause you to get stronger at low reps (and vice versa), each has it's own advantages. A set of 3 reps is not the same as a set of 12 reps, and your body will adapt slightly differently. And volume does not equal more sets and frequency. Volume is the amount of sets in a given time frame (which may be that workout, that week, month, whatever). Frequency is different than volume. More frequency could lead to an increase in weekly volume, but it is not the same.

And yes, bodybuilders do lower rep work also, and powerlifters do higher rep work as well. There is some carryover.


This is absolute nonsense. Low rep sets do NOT induce the same training effects as high rep sets. And I'm not talking about total volume. The training effect of 3 sets of 10 is NOT the same as 10 sets of 3. Same volume, VERY different results. You're not considering load/intensity, 2 huge factors.


Good job on cleaning up your diet and lifting. Maybe if you showed the before picture this might be more impressive.


Good job for your weight lost ! but now its time to build some muscle mass !! stop doing lot of cardio and push some dumbell

good luck