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8 Month Transformation


this post is not 2 brag about my physique but 2 show others that might get frustrated that hard work does pay off.


Wow, great transformation Jon!

What does your training/diet look like?


Nice job...also what are your major lifts like?


That ab tat looks a bit better in the 2nd pic.

well done.



Sweet!!! Got stats?


One of the best physiques i've seen on T-Nation. Awesome back pic in your profile as well. I hope you stick around for awhile, I feel like everyone can learn a lot from your knowledge.


Awesome is the only word that comes to mind


Top job there. There are a lot more quality physiques being exhibited on this site now.


It's about time, too.

Awesome physique, man, and I second the applause for the profile back shot, your arms look absolutely nuts in that one.

Interesting how muscle makes tattoos look even cooler, too.


wow thanks guys everyone is really motivational here.my weight training is heavy as possible ,never longer than 1hr i started doing cardio in the offseason 30mins first thing in the morning on empty stomach,this have made me feel much better in general .

i never lift i rep maxs so these are an idea of me lifts bench press140 kg 8-10 reps,squat150kg 8-10 reps,deadlift180kg 8-10 reps,.i shoot to about 40-50 grms of protein every meal,and as im very senitive to carbs i tend to have about 200 grms per day at most,and about 10-20 of good fat,.


Awesome physique man, great shoulders/upper chest. It's funny how much your tattoo has shrunken when it wasn't being stretched by the gut.


wow...what a difference! i see these guys in my gym and i can see they have decent mass but they're just carrying way too much bodyfat. if they would only realize how much better they'd look if they just bit the bullet and slimmed down. you're a prime example! kudos!


What do you mean : your sensitive to carbs?
You get fat fast eating too much carbs ?


Could we get a sample of what one of your workouts and diet might look like? Also what supplements do you use?


seeing that transformation in 8 months makes me want to really work my ass off the next year and see how far i can go. inspirational, nice job man!


thanks guys when i say im sensitive to carbs i mean for instance, my friend eats about 600 grms aday and always has a six and is vascular,(and hes not skinny hes a beast) ,but on the other handif i were 2 eat any thing over 250 ,300 grms i just get fat .everybody has different levels of insulin resistance and 2 find yours best way is experimentation.good lcsk friends


I do not typically post in these threads, but that is some solid, solid work there.


Great job Bro! What's your sets/reps regimen?


Awesome work. You have cool definition in your yolk.


I look like the BEFORE pic!