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8 Month Cycle, Advice on Stopping

So Ill keep this story fairly short i hopes someone knowledgable will take the time to read it. Im a recovering heroin addict. I got clean a few years ago but after a decade of abuse I felt my test was shot. Ive always been active in sports and lifting even early in my abuse, my friend suggested I try some test… Here i am 8 months later unsure about how to stop.

Im 35, 5’10, 190lbs 10%bf. I have a very physical job and am very active after work with various sports and activities so the test was a godsend. I finally had a libido again, I could recover from work day to day and just felt great in general. Something changed in the past month, I began to develop body acne which ive never had before, my sleep became disrupted and my nipples got sore. My testes began to shrink, my sperm is chunky and weird now, and my heart has been beating rapidly. I want to stop but Ive heard it can be even worse for you if you dont do it correctly.

I am doing 200mg IM, every 5 days or so, not an absolutely crazy dose but I have been doing it for at least 7 months. I also take some liquid tamaxifen once a week or so by dropper, that stopped the nip soreness.

I have two bottles left, should i just stop taking it? Or get on a weening schedule? I have excellent insurance, should I involve a doctor and explain the situation. I was told by a friend i should take hcg but i dont know where to get it. Any advice would be unbelievably appreciated. I know there are knowledgable people on these forms because i read them for about a year before, in college, when contemplating steroid use (a decade ago)

Acne can be fixed. Your nuts have already been shrinking, nipple Soarness can be fixed, and I doubt the testosterone is effecting the texture of your sperm especially making it chunky. And your rapid heart beat I also don’t think is due to a trt dose of testosterone.

I guess what I’m getting at is if these are the only things going on and testosterone has been a God send as you describe it why not try to solve the problems your having rather then stop the amazing testosterone?

Or is there more going on your not mentioning.

To answer your question you just run a normal pct of nolva 40/40/20/20

But if you had low testosterone before hand your gonna have low testosterone again possibly even lower.

Congrats on kicking the dope. Probably the hardest thing you will ever do so comparatively speaking all this stuff will be easy regardless of what you decide to do.

Thank you very much on the thoughtful reply, yes kicking dope was really rough, I dealt with depression and lethargy for almost a year after my last shot. As far as stopping test, i figured i was on it way to long, I always thought a typical cycle was 12 weeks give or take. Is it fairly safe to run test on its own at my dose/schedule. Obviously safe/not safe determination can only come from experience, heresay, and Im sure everyones different biologically to an extent. That being said I only wanted to stop because i figured the recent side effects was my body telling me Im really messing it up, this has caused me a lot of anxiety.

I am an ironworker, bigwall climber, mountain biker, exc, The test makes me feel like im in my 20s again, I havnt felt this good in a very long time. Financially it isnt even close to a problem for me to continue use, I just wasnt sure if there was any good evidence that it can be safe at this dose, long term. Im back to the bodyfat of my early 20s when I was training hard and im not even dieting that clean at the moment, maybe 75%clean.

A normal cycle is 12 weeks but there is numerous cases of people using steroids for years straight then coming off with great success.

As far as your dose you were using a pretty mild dose around what would be considered trt (testosterone replacement therapy) dose and people run that for years and years.

Ultimately you need to decide if you want to come off or stay on. It’s been 8 months if your gonna stay on you need to be prepared to stay on for life. If your gonna come off do it now and hope for the best.

If you stay on it will probably be best to go see a endocrinologist and discuss trt and the sides your having with him.

If money is no issue, I would go to Defy.

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whats defy?

Defy is a Trt clinic. Just google it, it will pop up. If you go that route, I would be as honest as you possibly can about everything so they are looking at the whole picture. I can’t speak for you, but the ups and downs might be tough scenario to deal with. Being on TrT isnt a bad thing. You are pretty much there. I would start with blood work, a full panel. Then I would consider lowering your dose depending on where your blood work comes in at.

I’m with zeek.
But you need some bloods to see where you really are. There is nothing wrong with staying on T you just need to figure out the correct amount. It doesn’t seem like you are having any issues with E2 or HCT which is odd for taking so much for so long. Bottomline pick your T dose that keep your E2 and HCT in check then get on with the rest of your life. Want a little fun do a blast for 12 week and get bigger. Then back to cruise. its really not that hard. Good luck.

You can also chose path of trt

200mg every 5 day is a lot for a trt dose. probably reducing to 100mg would fix your problems

But get a blood test and better to go trt with your doctor provision

Cool thanks guys,I’ve heard a lot about these universal mens clinics and such. Im assuming these are all test clinics. Do you suggest I tell my primary doctor that I want bloodwork done? Tell him why or lie? Im assuming the #s arnt going to lie. Does a doc have to honor his oath and help you regardless of his opinions or should i try to find a huge juiced out doc here in Vegas?

I mentioned Defy because they are probably going to be better, more convenient and much cheaper than a trt clinic you physically go to.

They offer blood work about as cheap as you will find. They offer doing restarts, and if you go that route at least you know what your getting is legit and doses correctly. Or you can go the trt route to.

Stay away from those local clinics. google discountedlabs and buy your own blood tests.
Sounds like you already have access to T if you deside to the full trifecta T/AI/HCG AI’s and HCG can be bought off the internet. A basic TRT program is pretty easy to maintain as long as you don’t have any underlying medical conditions like thyroid issues.
If you do want to go under a good docs care then the recommendation above for Defy out of Fla. is a good one. Everything is done over the phone and internet at a reasonable price. They are not a T mill. You can tell them your story and they willnot judge you but you can’t tell them you plan future cycles.

200 isn’t a cycle that’s a common trt dose. Most vials say pin 1 ml weekly. I’m assuming it’s test cyp or eth… common protocol is…
1 ml weekly divided Mon/Thurs is best if not 1x is fine
Anastrozle .25 2x week (more if needed)
HCG .5 ml weekly
That protacal is common…get insurance & get a trt clinic tons of anti aging clinics in Vegas or med spa
Give blood every 2-3 months to keep blood from getting too thick
As far as chunky loads goes idk find a chic that’s into that😂

haha, thanks guys. I feel a lot better, i have been really stressed about what i must have done to my body. Learning that 200mg isnt outrageous for a long term dose makes me feel better. I have a physical with my doc monday by chance and ill ask for some blood work. I have excellent blue cross insurance through my union so it probably will be covered or inexpensive.
Is the anastrozle and hcg something defy would help me with or do i have to sniff that out on my own? Im discouraged ordering meds of the net without any idea to their legitmacy but I suppose theres a way to find real stuff? they arnt exactly controlled subs

One thing to think about is that long term opiate use/abuse lowers your natural testosterone and can increase estrogen. That may be more of a reason you’ll need TRT than your 8 month low dose cycle.