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8 lbs in 12 Wks, Bunk Gear?



I did my last shot of Test E last night,
12 weeks of 750mg and 4 weeks of turanabol at 30mg ED.

Thing is, I've only gone up 8lbs,
lifts barely moved (well lets say, it could be done natural, which I think is the reason).
What Im trying to say is, the tbol was real for sure, but after I got off it, everything stopped, I was expecting more gains.
My diet is solid, training routine is great..

Bunk gear for sure?

Libido normal, only thing that made me keep injecting is that I got alittle oily skin, and I got acne, but both of those is normal for me also.


May sound a bit risky to some, but the way I first test a source for the real stuff is to run higher doses without an AI. Sure enough, eventually the sore nips and bloating set in, aside from the normal “side effects” of libido, weight, and strength increase. Maybe next time run a couple weeks like that and see what happens?

For present relevance, 6lbs is a lot for only 12 weeks for a natural. Have you gained a lot of fat? (Be honest with yourself)


What was your goal? I’m the hardest of hardgainers. And even I gained 15lbs solid mass on a 10 week cycle. I put about 50 - 75# on my big lifts too.

Something wasn’t right for you, that’s for sure. I’d be inclined to blame your diet. Except, I think you’d gain strength even if your diet was shit. What were your strength gains exactly? [Not that I’m qualified to diagnose your issue. But someone will eventually ask anyway…]

BTW… EVERYBODY says, “My diet and training are perfect, what’s wrong with my gear?” Makes more sense to check the diet and training first though.


I’ve checked my diet, checked my routine.
Off cycle Im on 'bout 3000 kcal (This is typical for me, I get good lean gains from this), on cycle Im on 'bout 4-4500 kcal (this gives me nice lean gains without too much fat).
Most of this comes from clean sources (chicken, steak, etc etc…).

My strenght didn’t make much besides when I started the Turanabol 30mg ED.
Jacked Fibraz, yes I did go up 6-8 lbs, but most of it must be fat, since my love handles got much more… ehm… lovely, lol.

Anyways, Im pretty sure that shit was bunk.


it had to be fake man. There are definitely people who don’t respond that well to gear, but it sounds like the test e did absolutely nothing for you.

maybe try waiting a couple days longer then u should before PCT… that way you might be able to tell if you were really shut down or not.

for your sake i hope it was fake man, hopefully you can get some real shit and make good gains.


Ok, 4 weeks since last shot, I’ve waited 2 weeks extra with the PCT, nothing has gone down, my bodyweight goes as normal upwards with my bulk diet, but just as normal when im offcycle.
Libido is normal, no depression, lifts are slightly going upwards, as much as it would when Im not cycling.

Im dropping the PCT since the gear definitaly was bunk, thanks for the inputs anyways.