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8 June 2011

Triceps/Calves today

  1. Vbar pressdowns 87.5 x 15/15/15/15 (drop set last set)
  2. Seated DB extension 100lbs x 12/12/12/12
  3. FST 7 Incline skullcrushers 100lbs 15/15/15/14/14/14/13

Seated calve raise 2pps x 25/25/25/25 did 3 sets with 10 lbs less per side for 30/30/30

Walked 2 miles on a pretty high incline this AM (34 min or something)…fat burner is working, noticed I sweat A LOT more than when i just drink regular coffee, followed by some abdominals…5 sets of rope crunches(30reps) and 3 sets of side planks (30sec each side)

about to go do quick bicep lift here in a few…

2 logs? wait wuuuuuuuuut? lol