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8 Day Bike Trip, Food Advice?


I am currently in the second Phase of p90x and im almost finished with it, my brother and i leave for a 400 mile bike trip, it will be about 8 days worth of biking at a low intensity, how should i eat/train while on the trip to ensure that i dont lose any muscle mass that ive gained. Thanks alot for the help


How long is each phase? A month?
I'll be honest, the amount of muscle you could have gained in a month or so from actually lifting weights, let alone doing p90x, is not a whole lot (do you even know how much muscle you actually gained, if any?).
With that said, there's probably not a whole lot you can do to save that muscle during an 8 day cycling trip, especially since you literally just put that muscle on.


a lot

Legs won't shrink. Curls the bike, overhead press the bike, do some pushups and don't worry so much. It's only eight days. Eat enough and you won't shrink.


50+ miles a day on a bike? I think you can just indulge yourself during that time with lots of buffets. You could possibly lose weight even downing 5000+ calories.


Thanks alot for the advice, i posted again, i did not realize it had been moved into nutrition, thanks for the help


Having done of a few of these weeklong trips in the middle of nowhere, your biggest problem, if you are away from civilization, is carrying how much food you would actually need. Obviously you can't carry a lot of food in your packs because that would just slow you down but things like MRE's and jerky can go a long long way in keeping you from becoming too catabolic.