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8 Cycles In. Bench Problems

I am currently in my 8th cycle and loving the program. My numbers have been:

Squat 185x12 to 240x11
Deadlift 280x8 to 350x7
Front Squat 125x10 to 195x6
Press 75x11 to 105x10
Bench 140x11 to 170x5

Obviously my pressing strength is poor, but at least there has been some improvement in my overhead press. For accessory work I have been doing 5 sets of 10 dumbbell bench press (55 lbs) or overhead press (35 lbs) alternating with 5 sets of 10 chin-ups.

Prior to starting I had the least amount of exposure in the bench and was expecting that it would go up faster than the other lifts due to novice gains.

Any advice?

Do barbell bench as military press assistance. That’ll get you benching twice a week, which should help. I’d also add in dips somewhere, as well as some row variation.

Work on your technique as well. That’s a big part of any lift. If it’s off, you’re leaving pounds off the bar.

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Where is your weak point on your BP? On 5/3/1 for hardgainers you bench once but do BP assistance work 4 days a week. My weak point is at the midway point ( elbows about 90 degrees) Incline assistance work seems to be helping. Just a thought.

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I figured that an increase in volume was necessary.

I would say that my weak point is mid way as well, but overall I just feel weak. Even with push-ups they fade quickly.

Simple adjustments:
Add 3x5 @ 75/80/85% of bench on your OHP day and the same for OHP on your Bench day.

As someone else said dips will help alot.

Specifically if mid-way point is your weak spot, inclines (whilst fun) are not the way to go. Tricep strength is the key, which is why dips would help. And adding in some extra tricep work

Have you been doing these same accessories for the whole 8 cycles?
Try this:
Bench 531
OHP 3x5 @ 75/80/85%
Dips 3-5x10
DB Row 3-5x10
Triceps 3-5x10

OHP 531
Close Grip Bench Press 3x5 @ 75/80/85%
DB Incline Bench 3-5x10
Barbell Row 3-5x10
Biceps or Triceps 3-5x10

With sets of 5 of chins supersetted with the two main lifts each day.