8 AMPs Of SUS 250

Ok, I have 8 amps of sus 250. I took 500mg on Friday, how often should I take it to make the most positive gains.?

If I had more I would take it as usual, 250/ EOD. But I have to go with what I have right now.

When I took sus 250 i noticed changes at the end of the 2nd week taking 3ccs and I took 3 for 5 weeks(shot a week). Sus 250 will stay active for up to two weeks. Maybe take 2ccs every 10 ten days or so that will last you a little more than 5 weeks.

I am just taking a shot here and assuming this is your first cycle.

Where to start?

  1. you will need more than 8 amps of test to run a descent cycle.
  2. your first test only cycle should be ran at 500mg/week, some will get good results from 250mg/week.
  3. Sust is best when shot eod due to the prop, however 2-3 injections per week is also commonly used.
  4. You have no mention of PCT. Do you plan on doing a test taper? Probably not since you are already short on test. If not then you better get some nolv or clomid fast.

Usually I would say to not even attempt the previously mentioned cycle however you have already shot 500mg test so you are already on your way. If I were you I would just split the last 6 amps and shoot 125mg 2x a week. This will give you at least 7 weeks on to make some gains. After your last shot of sust you will still have a large amount of test in your system for up to three weeks.

Yeah you definitely need more than eight but like 2thepain said your already into it so play it on out

Thanks for the info fellas. This is my 2nd cycle. my first was test E at 500mg a week. I do have clom to start after this cycle. Was just wondering what the best way was to use what I have on hand. I’m no pro at this so I can use all the help I can get.