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Has anyone used the 8/8 (eight sets of eight reps with 10-15 sec.rest between sets)? I just started it this week…its killer to say the least! I’m gouping… chest- press then flys with the 8/8 then doing lower cable cross over at 10 reps 1 min. rest between sets for 3 sets. Is this the correct way of doing it?
I did legs Monday- 8 sets of presses 390 lbs. then extentions 8 sets at 170 lbs. and 3 sets of hamstrings. Tuesday I wasnt sore BUT Wed. I could hardly walk!

This reminds me of Something About Mary…“7 minute abs…not 6 man, 7’s the number!” First 10 sets of 10 was German Volume Training, then some genius comes up with 8 sets of 8, is this Saskatchewan Semi-Volume Training? I can’t wait until some innovative ex. physiologist comes up with 7 sets of 7. Of course this will all have to stop when we get to 5x5, that’s already been “invented”. I’m sure the program is fine for a few weeks, didn’t mean to be an ass. Havent tried it but my point is it’s no groundbreaking discovery, it’s just high volume training.

OK… I dont remember ever saying it was NEW, or ground breaking. In reality 99% of what is out there in training is regurgitation of the same info. Yes 10/10 is the German volume thing and there is 8/8 and 5/5 ,SO WHAT !
I asked if anyone had tried it (or higher volume training )like it. Yes, this type of training is short term but for that matter is there a type of training that can be used forever to get results? NO!

Slow down, Turbo.

So how is it set up now? You do chest press rest 15 seconds flyes rest 15 seconds…then back to chest press? Or do you stay with each exercise for 8 sets of 8 with 15 seconds rest in betweeen? If this last scenario is the case then that doesn’t seem like near enough between sets recovery.

You stay with the same thing…like press and do all 8 sets with 10-20 second of rest between. Then move to the next. This work out or this type(high volume) is to put you muscles under greater tention through the lack of rest between sets. Your muscles do not have time to fully recover before you repeat the movement again. After I complete the eighth set I rest 1-2 mins. before going into the next.For example I do 8 sets of dbell press 10-20 secs.between each set. After the eighth set rest 1-2 min.Then I do eight sets of dbell flyes. Then I will rest 1-2 min. and do 3 sets of lower cable flyes for 10-12 reps resting 1-2 mins. between those sets. Im not sure if this is correct but it is working out well for me. PF