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8/12/05 Powerful Image


There's 2 Powerful Images up today. The first image (brunette walking away) is hot as hell. Who is she?? Wonder why it only stayed up for like 10 min's? She belongs in both the ass worship and brunette worship threads... or the "her ass has bewitched me thread".


I agree, she was amazing.


Missed the first. I can live with the second.


They are both very nice, but the one up now is a Grade-A Spankinass.


Seconds tolerable, but I've seen better.


Check the archives ... the first was very nice.


Nice it was.


I vote we reinstate the first one, the chick right now isn't as hot, and appears to be about 12 feet tall.




Normally I'd agree with TC's jdugeemnt on pics. In this case #1 is much nicer than #2.


Yeah, I checked out the first pic - much nicer. Not that slick, oiled up chicks with legs for miles posing invitingly is bad... :wink:


LOL.....I think a certain T-Vixen had got to TC's head and in doing his reach (what a great job to have) came across one in a simlar position so to speak.
;-o Everyone can change their minds..


Likewise. I figured maybe TC was trying something new, like a slideshow or something. No such luck.


You're right Karma. It's all relative lol. They're both hot. But the brunette... wow. The picture does her justice. You never know though, turn her around and she might look like Phyto's ass haha. I doubt it though.


Are those legs even real? They look like Barbie doll legs. They are kind of freaky.


Whatever. Daddy longlegs is here to stay.


This PI reminds me of the doughy fruit chick. They both have a nice shape (and I use that word loosely) but there is absolutely NO remote hint of muscule under it. Makes me think that if I squeezed them, their flesh would ooze between my fingers like pudding in pantyhose. Blech! I'd rather have something firm and supple to grab onto.


I vote the first pic! That was an unreal ass and legs.

Karma, good ass essment. Every time I see your avatar a bulls eye comes to mind. :slightly_smiling:


To some extent, it could be the oil. Looks a little better on this one.


... only because her legs are about 10 feet tall.