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8-10wk Test E Cycle, PCT Advice


So I made another post asking for advice on what to run as my first cycle and have decided on keeping it simple with 8-10 weeks of test E at 500 mg/week. It seems like Arimidex at 0.25mg eod is standard for this cycle but what is the general consensus for PCT? Everywhere I look I seem combinations of Nolva, Clomid, HCG, Aromasin…

So for those who didn’t read my other thread. I’m 28 yrs old, 5’9 215 lbs 15% bf. Been training for 10 years, seriously for the past 5 or 6.

bench: 275
squat: 405
deadlift: 565

Please recommend me a PCT. Seems like by researching so much i’ve confused myself

my intended cycle is:

wk1-8(or10):500mg test-e
wk1-8: arimidex .25mg eod
wk9-10: off
wk11-14 PCT…nolva? or nolva & clomid?


Looks good.

Run Test E for 8 weeks. Frontload the extra test during week 1.

Run Nolva at 40mg ED for 2 weeks, then 20mg ED for 2 weeks. Pretty standard PCT protocol.

Otherwise, simple and good beginning cycle. I'd almost be tempted to advise including an oral thats inline with your training goals to complement the test.

Looks good,


Yeah I was thinking of extending it to 10 or 12 weeks and running dbol at 25mg for 4 weeks or do you think 50 mg would be favourable?


I'm currently on week 4 of Test E @ 500mg a week. And I've already gained 13lbs. Very very Little water retention, and feel awesome! I did get a little bit of sore nips, but i've super prone to gyno (puberty) quick fix was I upped my adex to .5mg EOD from .25 EOD.

I'm super happy I went with just Test E for my first cycle, great results so far, feel great, no sides! (knock on wood)


Awesome man! Thanks for the feedback! What's your diet like calorie wise?


I'm eating roughly 3000cals a day with 330g of protien, 200g carbs.... very clean!


My first Test E cycle of 500mg/week 12 weeks put me on 26Lbs, only lost 4lb's when i came off. 2 weeks into my next run of 12 weeks at.
250 Test E 250 EQ and 200 Tren and already put on 6 lb's :slight_smile:


sounds good man! did you log this anywere? how were final results?


regarding your keep it simple cycle of test enanthate.In my opinion that is great!! I 53 and at 18-25 was a competitive bber. back in my day most bodybuilder's me included went on (Long Moderate cycles)We front loaded with say 5.C.C.'s of 1000mg's of t-e,and also for the 1st 3 week's used an oral. After say 2or 3 week's the oral is droped,at week 2 the test is droped to 500mg's for the middle portion,and near the end we tapered down from 5oo,400,300 etc.until we where equal to our phsiological testosterone level and that for a teen,or twenty year old is 100 to 200 mg's natural a week.This is contriversial,but some researcher's believe teenager's to naturally produce 300mg's per week. We had no formal pct,as those drug's weren't around.Well maybe Hcg?? We recovered without experiencing for the most part any side affect's. These day's there are to many extra drug's added.I believe the sinergistic power of combining is what lead's to gyno and complete system shutdown. This is only what i know and did? I am not saying the new way's are bad. I am only saying for intermediate bodybuilder's to not push the envelope,as bodybuilding takes time.There are NO 25 year old Mr.Olmpia'a they are all in their mid thirty's see ya johnny


Don't let the Governator catch you saying this blasphemy


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