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7th Week Protocol

In accordance with the 7th week protocol, and consistently making sure your TM are 3-5 good reps (not grinders), and using a workout example of say 5’s PRO FSL 5x5 leader & 3/5/1 PR anchor…doesn’t that mean 1 of 2 things (or both)?

A. Your workouts will pretty much always be on the easy side since the percentages will be based on an already not super hard TM.

B. For any of the PR weeks it will almost always be high rep PR’s 10-20 reps+ because that last PR set (% wise) is based on an already not super hard TM.

I would like to EMPHASIZE I am not questioning the programming merely CLARIFYING to make sure I’m on the right path. If easy work sets and high rep PR’s are the name of the game then so be it.

A light TM sets you up to continue training without stalling. That’s the intent of keeping it that way.

Easy, sometimes. Mostly its all just doable. I think its depends on what you classify as “easy” and “hard”. If by easy you mean that the weights will always feel light and you will be able to use minimal effort to maintain good technique on all your reps, your probably in for a rude awakening.

Nothing is garunteed. Thats why its important to track your PR’s. Its probably safe to assume if your a newer lifter your PR sets are going to be fairly high in reps starting out, but over time setting new PR’s is going to get more, and more challenging.