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7th Week Protocol

Ok, so I’ve sifted through pages of forum threads and tnation articles. For the life of me I cannot find out what the 7th week protocol actually IS. I’m coming up on my 7th week. A typical deload is fine. But I’m really curious about the protocol. Anyone wanna throw me a bone? I’ve seen the man himself write that it’s on tnation but I’m not having any success. Thanks for any useful info.

What are you asking?

Do you own 5/3/1 Forever?

What is the 7th week protocol? [quote=“littlesleeper, post:2, topic:229835”]
Do you own 5/3/1 Forever?
No. I own the original and Beyond

It’s in the new forever book and I’ve heard on the private forum, I’d suggest buying the new book if you want to find out about it.

Ah gotcha. Ya for a full explanation of it you’re going to need to own the book or be part of Jim’s private forum.

I’m sure if you dug through enough posts you could piece it together yourself, but this is one of those “buy the book” concepts.

I suppose I’ll have to wait a while. I live in SE Asia. Certainly not paying $100 for a book. On my kindle buy list for sure, though.

That’s understandable. What is it in essence though? I’ve seen stuff from testing TM to deload

That’s what it is, in essence.

So, within the boundaries of 531. While on the 7th week, is it a recommended protocol work work up to a 1RM on the 4 lifts? Replacing a “proper deload?” common sense tells me that would be acceptable but hey, I’m not all that bright. Though I would greatly assume it would be beneficial to forgo all assistance and supplement lifts

I honestly don’t feel comfortable releasing more details than this on the topic, as it’s something that Jim wrote in his book and on his forum. It’s information that he’s selling, and me giving it away would be taking away from that.

That’s fair enough. I’ll just give it a go and see what happens. Hopefully doesn’t jack up progress but at least I’ll learn something on my own.

Maybe the man himself will chime in. I’ve seen him mention multiple times that it is in fact here at tnation.

I wouldn’t. I think all you would learn is that you should have bought his book or joined his forum. Stick to whatever plans you have at your disposal. The program worked for many years before this protocol was established.

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I dont own the book nor do I belong to the forum.

it took me about 30 seconds to find it online
simply written for free prior to the book release> Jim has stated this many times as well." Its already been posted".

moreover, the resets are online as well; best explanation is actually on Jims free blog back in December.

If what you are doing works then stick with it.
Need in depth explanations then buy his book.

Can I use the 7th week protocol for the advanced 531 template?