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7th Week Protocol?


Sorry if this has been explained many times.
I do my search and all the topics which talk about this 7th week protocoll says that it has been explained somewhere.
Yes I have glasses and Yes, they are correctly adjusted. The most precise answer I find is this one How Often to Test Lifts (Suggestions) , but don’t really help.

Could anybody help me finding explanations about the 7th week protocoll? I’m not looking for this new programm that will change my life. The principles of 531 already did the job, thank you Mr Wendler. Ot’s just that I would be interested to check my TM sometimes and it seems that this protocoll could help doing that.

Thank fot help and have a nice day.


check page 50-53 in Jims beyond Book, all the info you need is there.


Thank you.
I allready had read this part of the book. I thought something new was posted here.
I will follow rhe book.


7th week protocol is not in beyond book, its in Jims private forum.


can you just briefly introduce it? Either did i find it here on forum.


If youre asking me, I dont feel comfortable introducing it, because its Jims work from private forum and I respect his rights to his work + I dont know if I fully understand that stuff so I could teach it to anyone.


Thank you for the advice.
I’ll check it there.


Thanks. I was not asking you to teach me, but anyway, thanks for your reply.