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7th Week Protocol: PR Tests and Deloads?

Hi all,

First post here. I just got my 5/3/1 Forever book in the mail and was reading through it trying to put together a program. One of the ones that I found that I am thinking of doing looked like this:

Leader - 2 cycles 5’s Pro + BBB at 50%
7th Week Protocol PR Test
Anchor - 1 cycle (or is it 2?) 5’s Pro + FSL
7th Week Protocol PR Test

My question(s) are, are the PR tests considered deloads or do you do separate deloads and if so, when? I read through the section on 7th week protocols and remembered reading that the PR tests are good for when you’re using 5’s Pro (presumably because you’re not doing a PR set during that time) but when should a deload happen?


Leader is usually high volume like 5’s pro and FSL 5x5 or in your case BBB 5 sets of 10 at 50 %
Anchors is more intense and would be 5/3/1 with PR sets
Followed by some less supplemental like FSL2-3 sets of 5.

The 7th week protokol you would use the deload option building to 1 rep at TM no supplemental and some light assistance between the leader and Anchor.
After the Anchor you do the 7th week test week, either go for a 5 RM to use as TM i your next leader cycle, or a true 1 RM if you feel you are on the right track TM wise.

Thanks for the reply, so something like this:

Leader (2 cycles)
Mobility work
Main lift - 5’s PRO + 5x5 FSL (or BBB 5x10@50%)


Anchor (1 cycle)
Mobility work
Main lift - 5/3/1 with PR sets + 3x5 FSL


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yup exactly

mortdk, are the 5/3/1 with PR sets meant to be PR sets every week? I’ve seen it also on the forums presented as 3/5/1 with PR sets only done in the 3 and 1 week (and I’m guessing just cap at 5 reps the other week).


You can do it in either its just personal preference. 3/5/1 just means you do PR sets on the first and third week only. I’m doing it that way currently and using the second week for some heavier weight for single reps, its really the only time I do the main lifts under 5 reps.

So if I did 5/3/1 instead of 3/5/1 would I do PR sets on the 2nd and 3rd week only?

Not necessarily.

3/5/1 is a good option for older guys (like me), and preferred by some very experienced guys (at least in many of the logs I follow). It sets up a nice little break for creaky old joints, and for guys pushing really big weights. But since you seem to be on the front end of your 5/3/1 training, IMO you may be best served by pushing the PRs on the 5’s week (1st week) as well.

Thanks for the reply!

I love 5/3/1 with pr sets every week.
I have tried the leader - anchor setup, and my body don’t like it.
I love the OG and the FSL PR or 5x5 sets
I keep track of all my rep records from 1 - 20 reps. Whenever I can, I will try to beat it.
Right now I am on the 28 weeks plan from the beyond book.
And for all weeks and every workout exept the deload weeks I want to set a PR. The first cycles you go for PR on the FSL sets too. When done I might even do a little writeup.
My advice is to find what works for you. I understand all (or most) of Jims work.
It’s not rocket science. Read the books, join this forum or/and his private forum.
Listen to your body and mind.
If you love your routine and do et every time, it will work better (unless it’s totally screwed), than any routine you just do not like.

So 5/3/1 with PR every week or 3/5/1 with the PR on first an third week.
They both work.
Pick a program from the Forever book and stick to it.
Read the first books as well so you understand the principles.