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7th Week Protocol Between Leaders?

Hi Jim,
Currently following BBB Full Body and usually complete 2 leader then one anchor. I’ve been doing 7th week protocol after two leaders and in between leader and anchor. After reading the book again, should I be competing an additional 7th week protocol between each leader or is it correct to run 2 leaders back to back?

This is up to you. I believe somewhere in that section it states that you may take a deload after ANY Cycle if you feel you need it.

Just to be clear you are referring to the deload, right?

Deload or max testing. I currently complete:
2 leaders
7th week protocol
1 anchor
7th week protocol
Start another 2 leaders
I think this is correct but wanted to check

You can take a 7 Week Deload AT ANY TIME BETWEEN CYCLES. This is up to you.

Thanks Jim, appreciate the reply. I’ve been running two leader cycles back to back, I take that’s ok if feeling good?

That is fine.

Many thanks, appreciate you taking the time to reply. All the best