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7On/7Off Dbol Protocol to Go with Shift Work?

I work a 7 days on 7 days off rotation. Days on I work 12-13 hour days and while I do manage to get to the gym on these days the workouts are fairly short and don’t have as much enthusiasm as on days off.
I havw read about people taking dbol only on workout days so was curious to thoughts about a 7on/7off dbol cycle. 40mg day on the days I don’t work to maximize on my longer workouts and heavy intensity training.

Currently running

150mg wk prop
350mg/wk tren ace

Planning to run about 10 wks so total of 5 wks dbol.

This is my 6th cycle or so, although it’s been a few years since my last. 220lbs/ 15-20% body fat. 12 yrs of lifting.

Are you not able to take the tabs with u on your on days?

I’m able to take the tabs, just not able to train as long or intensely. Occasionally miss workouts as well. Feel like it’s a bit of a waste of gear, figure I might get more out of it taking the dbol on the off weeks when I can train HARD. I respond well to dbol and notice strength and size gains immediately.

Curious if anyone has tried anything like this in the past or has some logic to share that I haven’t thought of yet.

Usually when I run dbol I use it as a kickstart to a cycle for about 4 weeks.

In the past I noticed the effects of dbol almost immediately. Was wonde

Ive never used it on and off like that because i allways beleived in keeping the blood levels stable . I would imagine it would benefit u g it on and off but i beleive ud get more out of doing it steady 5 weeks straight no tter if u have quiker workouts or skip a couple days on ur on weeks. All i can say is when i used it the first couple times and was a complete dumbass and didnt understand what intense training was and my diet was shit i still blew up on that shit lol… so u halfassn it 2 wks outa 5 i bet ud be better off keeping the levels in ur blood steady.

What hrs u wrk ? How long of a drive is it to work?