794 Deadlift at 197

Not sure how many actually look through the training logs but just pulled 794 today. Unofficially 23 lbs over the #2 drug tested 198 deadlift on the world. Still 32 lbs off Jesse Norris’s record. Couldn’t be happier with it. Been 3 years since a deadlift pr. Video is on my ig, had trouble linking it recently.


Jesus man, that’s incredible!


That is awesome!

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How do I find you on IG?

Vincent pachuta - that’ll get you there

Just watched it. Great lift. The lock out looked tough. But the first part flew.
800lb will fall soon. Really soon.

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Yea. It feels slow going up and the way my knees lock I need to have some momentum going over it to lock and stay up otherwise it can pull me forward.

Four times bodyweight deadlift is a pretty exclusive club, especially for someone around 200lbs.


You sir are strong.
Love seeing a bar bend.

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Holy shit!!!

I’d be happy to be able to pull 1/2 that

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Great work! Nice grip!

What’s next? How long does it take to recover from a huge lift like that? Or I guess, how long until you can deadlift heavy heavy again?

3 years is a long time to be in “The Dead Zone” of no PRs. What got things moving again?

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I’ll be pulling mid 600s next week most likely. I think what got things moving again was snatch grip conventional on a stiff bar and regular conventional. Taking time away from heavy squat didn’t hurt either.

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