780 Total To 945 Total in 4 Months. Watch Me Go

Great attitude. Keep doing the work. You’ll get where you want to be.

Well done.


Mar 6

Lower body

Felt strong today. Smashed my 5 sets of squats in like 8 minutes and. Was a short short work out but I got done what I needed.

Squat - 5x5 195 lbs
Leg press -15x2 450

Feeling good already definitely feel like the frequency and volume is working here. The linear progression just feels good this time around.


Deer eater emerges !

Haven’t seen a gym in 3 damn days I thought I was going to shrivel up.

Things have changed slightly but my routine will not be trifled with! I’m working very far from home staying in a very tiny speck on the map but remarkably there is a pretty decent gym. Shiity thing is we don’t have enough trucks so I’m taking the heel toe express to the gym everyday. Nothing stops this train. But it is a long fucking walk.

Today I forgot how to math and accidentally jumped 10 lbs on bench so. fuck it. Progress!

Bench 150 5x5
Row 145 5x5

Carb loading hard to keep the energy up. And preworkout but of course. Open to suggestions on how we stay hyped for the gym affter the old 12 hour work day. So far I’m hanging in but this is exactly what killed my ambitions previously


Feel your pain with training after 12 hour shifts and the perceived feeling of wasting away after a few days… Can’t really offer more than the mindset of just getting on with it, it’s my own time doing my own thing so I embrace it. No stress putting a session back a day, as long as it doesn’t become a habit, the maybe need to reasses things. I personally don’t use a pre workout, never felt the need to get a buzz to force me to train.

However, I often favour some kettlebell conditioning work or light cardio as opposed to trying to stay on program, can be short and sharp and does wonders for my mindset. I’ve stopped stressing trying to get my barbell work in because the gym is just too damn busy. If my four days of 5/3/1 end up taking 8 days, so be it. Ride the wave, sometimes life gets in the way, but don’t let it hamper your ambitions.

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I like that attitude. Stay positive. Any workout is better than throwing hands in the air.

I did have a 2 week period where I was working 12 hour night shift (all 14 days). I know that most anyone could stand on their head for a mere 2 weeks. But I did an abbreviated workout those weeks, trying to make the best I could in a bad situation.

I had a terrible personal day today. And I wanted to lift heavy even though I should be following the progression religiously I know. I didn’t give a fuck and added 15 lbs to my squat instead of 5 just to feel them. Maybe next leg day I’ll go back a few lbs I don’t know. Any ways I also deadlifted and took a video.

The deadlift was on my last set and I was beat. The form felt is not good. But I also don’t think it dangerously bad. I was just tired and getting sloppy. Anyways judge me on it if you want!

Squat 3 sets 5 reps 205
Deadlift 3 sets 3 reps 315


Again I know it’s far from perfect.


sorry you had a bad day.

good news is you never have to live this day again.

here’s to a better tomorrow

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Hey thanks buddy. Though some problems do tend to follow us day to day, I do hope for a better tomorrow.

I’m always a glass half full guy, so Ill point out that I should be hitting PRs in no time at this rate of angry lifting. Lol


Bench 5x5 155
Row 5x5 150


Yesterday I forgot to log my workout.

I was absolutely beat to fuck from work and I nearly didn’t make it to the gym. But I did make it to do just my squats

Squats 210 5x5

Wieght actually felt kinda heavy, I was possessed about it. I’m hoping it’s because I was so beat


Another day beat to a pulp. Trekked through the blowing slow and made it in to the gym yesterday. Was a good workout

Bench 160 5x5
Row 155 5x5

Can’t wait for a few weeks when the weight starts to really add up. Starting to feel better then super light weight


Yesterday was lower body. I got my squats in and that’s it, kind of been the trend after work but I think that’s fine personally. I don’t really see the need to roast my legs with other workouts when my goal right now to get my squats up and train them 3x a week.

Squats 215 5x5

Kind of felt heavy but not to point I was going to fail a rep. I have previously ( weeks ago before taking weight off the bar and ramping like I have been) attempted 225 for 5x5 and failed on my fourth set and if I’m able to hit that milestone before failing I’ll know I’m getting somewhere


I think you started the bent-over row too heavy. It will surely be the first one to stall.

You are correct I did and it will. I had pointed that out above, trouble being that I’m doing pendlay rows so the bar is place back on the ground each rep. And without 135 on the bar you are basically doing a deficit lift. Because of plate size. Always been one of my favourite exercises and I just like them more then the old fashioned bent over. Obviously with rows you have the option to cheat quite dramatically and I find the explosive move off the ground reduce that and makes a cleaner lift

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Upper body day !

Bench 165 5x5 ( I actually pushed the last set to Damn near failure and got 8 reps for fun )

Row 160 5x5

So excited for the next few weeks as I get to the higher end prior to stalling out. I’m gonna hit that 185 bench for 5 by 5 I can just feel it.


Also took this vid of my row cause why not.

Form check I guess. Ass could have been lower to straighten the back usually I make good sure of that. Don’t think I’m cheating to much though


Lower body day! Missed yesterday had to do laundry.

Squats 220 5x5

I had to work for that last set today. But I did it.

Actually extremely pumped to be putting up 225 for a 5x5 next leg day. Finally feels like I’m hitting a milestone. Though I have ti be honest I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to add weight to the bar. Not sure what to do when that wall hits but open to suggestions. Wondering if I should try a max to see where I’m at once that happens or maybe that’s pointless. If I could hit day 275 for a 1RM I’d feel like I was really getting closer to that 3 plate squat I’m so focused on right now.


You may suprise yourself. If you like the minimal exercise selection approach and wish to continue with a 5x5 theme, look at Bill Starr’s routine. You may want to vary the volume and consider getting some higher reps in, or drop the top two sets when things get heavy (so 3x5, or 1x5 with one back off set).

5/3/1 will lay out a variety of templates to suit your goals, a slightly slower and more patient approach is required, but if you have the right mindset and are willing to do the work (which your log indicates you do/are), you can’t go far wrong. Wendler’s website is gold, there are articles on here too, but I’d recommend the original book to grasp an understanding of the concept (that, and it gives a little something back in exchange for a fountain of knowledge).

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I definitely appreciate that insight man I’ll check out those resources.

5/3/1 is for sure on the radar as well. Obviously the linear progression thing is sweet if you can keep on progressing but I think once I stall out here I’ll have mostly run through my potential with that.

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