780 Total To 945 SCRATCH THAT - 1000lb Total in 4 Months. Watch Me Go

Today was a good workout.

Deadlift 245 5x2, 1x10

OHP 90 5x2, 1x6

Row 158 5x2, 1x7

I’m leaning out much more rapid then I ever would have expected, and I’m not trying to. I actually wieght now just a hair over 230, that’s down 15 lbs in 3 months. Which is NOT my goal, my goal is strength. That said, my face has literally never looked this lean and good. Clear skin cause no drinking also, it’s pretty awesome actually. I geuss I’ll take it.

I’m eating as much as I can, prepping food and just having energy to eat it is tough with work. Everyday for lunch I eat 2 cups of rice uncooked so whatever that comes out to cooked, which is 1300 cals. I mix in a lb of either ground beef or pork or chicken, which usually adds another 1000 cals, so 2300 while I work. Then dinner I put back at least 1000 more, I shoot for 1500. So really I’m definitely not under eating I’m over 3000 everyday, but I’m exercising so strenuously at work. For reference my phone tells me I got 20,000 steps in today. How do you gain wieght like that lol.


by eating more calorie dense foods. For example: bacon is calorie dense and not very filling. I believe Sardines are also very calorie dense.

3k calories is not as many as you would think. For me, that is still under maintenance calorie intake and I have a sedentary job.

I’ve always been on the other end of the spectrum, where losing weight is my difficulty. I’d rather have your struggle than mine lol.

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Just read through your whole log. Great work man!

I am 5’6", 135 lbs and have to eat 3000 calories/day if I want to bulk. I maintain at about 2400-2800 calories depending on exercise and walking per day. Just gotta keep eating a lots of rice, and add olive oil and honey on top to bump the calories. Olive oil, honey, and spicy brown mustard on everything I eat, yum.

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Hey thanks buddy! I’ve been very happy with my progress so far l!

Today’s workout was awesome

Squat 225 5x2 7x1

Bench 190 5x2 7x1

Pull ups 5x3 kind of! I actually had a few legit reps in there to!

Everyday this week I’ve had around 20,000 steps, which works out too around 10 miles of walking. I think that when I get home and not at work, I will feel much stronger in the gym. Particularly my squats. I get under the bar to warm up with 135 after a day of work and I already like my legs are done


Loving this routine. Still losing weight though, 228 lbs today.

Deadlift 255 5x2, 10x1

Row 160 5x2 7x1

OHP 92 5x3

Also more progress pics cause I’m leaning out lol


It isn’t about falling down it’s about getting back up yadayada all that bs . Not extremely impressed with myself today, first gym session in 8 fucking days.

And to make matters worse my nutrition has been fucking horrible the entire time. Genuinely felt weak as fuck today, not to mention I had to drag myself in to the gym in the first place. Seriously hurts, but I’m back and that’s what matter. I had been suffering from an extremely difficult condition called it’s summer time and there’s girls out there having fun :slightly_frowning_face:. A slippery slope that few men come back from.

Squat 5x3 230
Bench 5x3 185

A few pull ups.

I will not fall this hard again.


Deadlift 5x2 8x1 275

OHP 5x3 95

Row 5x3 165

Felt awesome !


Posting affter missing a couple days of updates!

Deadlift 285 5x3

Bench 200 5x3

Pull ups 5x3

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I haven’t been logging very consistently but I have been in the gym!

I’m getting really lean and I’ve been trying to eat a lot cleaner then ever before, no sugar or alcohol at all for now. I actually look awesome. Compared to any other time in my life

Deadlift 295 5x2

Bench 205 5x2 4x1

Row 155 5x3

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congrats on your progress