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780 Reasons You Should Know Cocoa Espresso

Previous, aka my first log:


In my first log, the ladies of PW saw me from the first time I picked up a barbell. I had no real objective with training, I just knew that I liked it and I had unique ways of training, just didn’t know how to defend them.

Now, in “715 Reasons You Should Know Cocoa Espresso”, training has completely taken over my life. It became my job, my passion, rules all my thoughts, and while my training is still unique, in this log, I don’t feel like I even have to defend it, or anything that I do or aspire to do, for that matter.

As for my log title, Mr. Giterdone suggested Chocolate Espresso which I really like, but needed something.

715 are my current 4 maxes (squat, bench, deadlift and military press) and I’m proud of it, for many reasons. The main reason I’m proud of it is because, although I will be competing in Bodybuilding, I still have a love for powerlifting and I enjoy meshing both loves into my training.

As my maxes go up, I intend to adjust the title accordingly.

Ok, enough chatter, on to some training!

First, in response to the wonderful Chi-Town who killed my last log:
1: I’m super excited that I’m doing BB instead of Figure. I was starting to wonder why you had no input lol
2: I <3 video games
3: Thanks for the support for a May 28th show, it’s kinda scary but I’m confident.
4. That is a kick-ass song, I’ll love to see you pose to that.

Today, still a bit sick-y but feeling better. It’s also gloomy as hell outside, but a cold and rainy day are not enough to deter me from the gym.

Chest and Arms
Started off with 30 minutes cardio on the treadmill, various inclines and speeds.

Then, on to some benching.
Bench Press
95 x 3
115 x 3
145 x 1 (+10 PR)
cabbage patch dance
I did this using a spotter only for lift-off. I explained to him not to help me, and the help word was “Cheesecake” :stuck_out_tongue:
I didn’t say Cheesecake though, so rep was all me.
Oh, the bench is a major milestone for me as well since I weigh 140, and I just benched my bodyweight and an ADDITIONAL 5 pounds.

Got another spotter and he assisted me with 135 x 6. Eh, I don’t like not doing it by myself, but the stares from everyone in the room is still awesome.

105 x 8
135 x 1- I did this without liftoff and all by myself, another first. I’m a big kid now!

Just played around with 155 x 1 with a spotter. Soon, that’ll be all me too :smiley:

Incline DB Bench
40 x 7
Chest was fried, said screw it and moved on

BB Curls
60 x 10
60 x 9
70 x 2
70 x 4
70 x 3

Incline EZ Bar Skullcrushers
35 x 15
45 x 12
55 x 8

Reverse Pressdown
25 x 12
35 x 7
30 x 10

Did cable side crunches and weighted cable crunches, supersetted. My abs looked sexy, so will continue ab work again :stuck_out_tongue:

Finished with a complex:
Hang Clean Hybrid (Hang Clean + Front Squat + Push Press)
Jump Squat

85 x 3 x 2
85 x 4 x 3

Overall, great day. And cold should be gone by tomorrow afternoon.

The power of chocolate combined with caffeine should NOT be underestimated.

cabbage patch dance = funny :slight_smile: Congrats!

Aha, virgin log! I shall christen it.
Lotta direct arm work there - is that because of the competition? Must say that it’s been an age since I did much for my arms - I tend to stick with big compounds.

Hooray for a bw bench!

You benched your bodyweight! There must be something in the water here at PW…I need to find that fountain and drink from it. :slight_smile:

Awesome job, Nikki. Way to start your new log off with a BANG!

Nice title and nice benching! I brought my lawnchair and I’m staking my spot here to follow along.

Thanks everyone! Been chasing that bench for a while. I knew that I’d either have to lose weight or get stronger, and luckily I was able to do both.

Cal, the arm work isn’t more than normal. Since I changed my split from upper/lower to chest and arms, I can give more attention to my arms. I’ve been trying to bring up my tris for a while though, it’s working but I really need them to be a wow factor because my biceps are the spotlight whores on my arms.
The compound move I found best for my arms though are hang cleans. Holy crap, I don’t see so much vascularity and pumps until I do those babies!

So glad you decided to keep logging…love the Cocoa Espresso title…nice Hot drink ; )

Big Congrats on a BW+ Benchpress! Hip Hip Hooray !!! Proud of you girl.

Yippee! A new log and a BW+bench to start it off! Congrats. I love how you make getting strong and lean look easy!

ok cool found it, looking forward to following your awesome progress.

Somebody’s getting strong. You make it so easy to root for you.

Keep pushin it Cocoa! & pullin’ too!

Great work on the Bench press PR…

oh helllll yah on that bench, woman!!! nice!!!

Awesome job on the BW and some bench! Although I can’t down cocoa espressos, I will be following this cocoa espressos :slight_smile:

damn! way to go Nikki :slight_smile: bench PR is a big one.

Just letting you know I am only checking the log if that number goes up :slight_smile:

Like the name, hi five for the bench pr

It was my pleasure killing your last log :wink:

I know you’ll be ready by May, I’d tell you to believe in yourself but it appears that you already do! Good work on the bench press.

lovely work!

oh herro prease!

BB huh? Well done, I look forward to seeing how you do.