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77kg Lifter: C&J 170kg x 3


Our lifter doing 170kg c&J 3 times. Training for London 2012. We did some velocity mesurements an the results were optimistic.


Really impressive!

What does he FS and why do you make him do 3reps? Seems way way way over the top considering his level. What is his 1RM? 180? 185?



Agreed, amazing work.

Why do you question doing 3x3 reps Koing? I mean surely through the repetition of heavy lifts, the body is only going to strengthen and become tougher (if the lifter has the motivation and mental toughness to be able to lift with such intensity). Of course doing too much will inevitably hold a lifter back, but to me 3x3 reps of an approaching max weight doesn't necessarily (done at the right time) seem excessive (just brutal).


Less then a month from the worlds doing 3reps seems excessive imo...but hey I'm not his coach and I was just asking.

The sport is about lifting 1RM, not 3 singles with short rests. Would you have a thrower do 3 throws in short succession less then a month out from competition to improve their 1RM?

I agree through repetition of heavy lifts it will strengthen the body, but heavy singles would be more suited, not 3 heavy singles with short breaks. Why not have 3-4mins break and go heavier?



Becuase if he can lift 175 for 3 then he definitely lift 183kg-180kg if not more. If your 3RM goes up the surely your 1rm goes up. A 3rm would be easier to recover from seems as it is your 3RM.


He did 170 for 3 not 175. It does not gurantee anything. It just means he can do 170 for 3 with short rests.

Your 3RM going up doesn't gurantee your 1RM goes up at high levels of lifting. But each coach has their own reasons and ideas.

Not convinced your 3RM would be easier to recover from then doing a few heavy singles. Depends on the lifter.



personally it helps me (but thats just me) it also seems to working for him however.


We need to know his 1RM in training and comp. Your comp lift is the only lift that matters to a competitive lifter. Does not matter how much you can do in training. It's how much you do when your in comp battling it out :smiley: