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765x6 Deadlift


Posted over on marunde-muscle.com/forum in response to Poundstone's vid:

"Was really hoping for a few more reps but im still happy for not doing much rep work lately. Ended up at 765 just because it is easier to load lol. Also wearing a suit so I cheated a little. Goal is 800x10 by the Olympia once get my conditioning where it needs to be think it will be possible."

His name is Johnathon Conner and his whole damn youtube is impressive, check it out.


Ive been following his videos for a while now. Guys a fucking BEAST.


His form looks so bad, but that dude is wicked strong. I mean he just looks brutally strong and looks like he would just be mind boggling with better technique.


whats wrong with his form?


Well I think he is using what he has found to work best for him. What specifically do you think he could do better?


nothing at all


Didn't notice anything off either, but then again I didn't watch for long.

Impressive strength though, of course.


I think he could use a bit more leg drive. As you suggested, I looked at a few other of his vids. He has a very ugly clean and bench technique. I'm not taking anything away from the guy, he's strong. I think he has potential to do more.

If that form works for him, great!


i think once you can deadlift 765x6

people have to shut up about your form.


"In response" to poundstone's vid?

Hmmm... why would that be the case?


God, clearly he's using waaaaaaay too much back. And god, he's fucking just bouncing the weight up! And straps!

What a bunch of crap.


lol, what do you mean if? No shit that form works for him.

I saw this earlier on marunde, I've seen this guys vids before, hes strong like bull. Impressive as fuck.


I'm pretty sure he's just a crane, and not actually human, that was insane.


So, based on your post, do you think if you had a chance to work with him in a year's time you could have him pulling more than he would otherwise?

If so, how would you accomplish this?

I assume you have significant experience taking a relatively advanced puller and getting him to the next level?


What the fuck is it with people and saying that just because you're strong, you don't need to keep good form for safety reasons? I can understand breaking form like that for a competition lift, or in this case as a rare occasion, but other than that I think it's retarded to use THAT shitty of form all the time, especially when you're moving 7+ bills.

Definitely impressive strength, but doesn't mean he should just fuck up his body "because it works."

Fucking stupid.


Good form is overrated.


Ohhhh boy.

Ding, ding, ding.

We have a winner.


Ya know, as long as his back doesn't round and he's not tearing both biceps, how is his form bad?

How much do you deadlift? If he's gotten to that point injury free, than I think his form is better then yours.

Choke on a dick.

edit: for the resident grammar nazis


boy i really wish people would learn that "then" and "than" aren't interchangeable!

but man this guy is impressive!


It's not textbook form for a conventional deadlift but goddamn that's some strength.

It definitely didn't look that heavy the way he handled it.