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760 Pound Man


Did anyone see the TLC show about the 760 pound man? I watched the last 30 minutes of this show. The man died of septic shock (bacteria in the blood stream that causes organ failure)at age 39. I am wondering anyone's thoughts on the show. This man weighted 100 lbs in the first grade and 160 lbs in the fourth grade. Did it not occur to his parents when he went to the first grade and he was twice the size of everyone else that something might be wrong? Did they take him to a physician to make sure nothing medically is wrong? (I do not know if they did because I did not see the first half of the show)

It showed him in a nursing home, the doctor asked him when the last time he walked and he said 1998. This man has been bedridden since 1998, now that is frightening. I am not trying to make anyone that is obese feel bad or make this man that is dead suffer anymore than he did in his 39 years here on earth. However, if anyone has children that are overweight, make the right dietary and activity changes now before it is too late. Make sure there is nothing medically wrong causing their problem. As a physician (Emergency Medicine), obesity is certainly a fatal disease as this show demonstrated in this extreme case.

It did show that while he was in the nursing home, one of his family members
brought him snacks and he got caught by the nutritionist. He did admit that loves to eat. By the appearance of his siblings, they are not far behing him in the weight department.

I was just wondering if anyone else saw this show. It was followed by the 600 lbs woman show which I did not watch.


Hasnt walked since 1998? Thats sad.


I'd never be able to hang in a tree at that weight.............


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I saw the show because I love seeing people get that far gone. Clearly you can tell your life is out of control long before you reach 700. My sister's friend for the last 15 years was the same way.

He weighed 700+ lbs and got help from Geraldo, Richard Simmons and Leeza and still came off like the damn victim all the time. He didn't get his weight under control until he got the stomach surgery. He lost about 400 but hit a plateau and gained a few back. From what I read everyone who gets the stomach surgery has the same results.

It's not a cure.


Stupid, lazy fucks.


I seen the show. Man it was unbelievable. I was in shock. My wife had made some kornflake peanut butter snackes and I really like them and I usually eat about 4 of them out of what she makes I just cant help myself. But, after I seen that I gave them all to my neighbor. 0

Now dont get me wrong I dont have a weight problem. But, after I seen that I went to the base gym and ran 3 miles just because.

But, in the show it said that like the night before the PT came in to help him try to get some movement back. He ate like crazy ding dongs, ho ho's, moon pies and chips and shit all night long.

Its sad to see people let themselves go that far.



Why let these fat shits get to you like that? You're in control of your own life. (I'm assuming, since youre on this site.)


Ya, they were great. Thanks.

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Ooooh, I like ding dongs, ho ho's and moon pies.



I was at Baja Fresh yesterday gettin a quick pit-stop-meal (which didn't turn out so quick, but I'll get there) and what I downed was around 800 Kcals (Dos Manos Burrito, minus the tortilla). The burrito needless to say was pretty big and filled me up adequately for a few hours.

In walks a TANK ASS, so I thought I'd use that moment for my own observation. She ordered a chicken baja burrito (950 kcals) and a guacamole with chips(1320 kcals) filled up a medium glass with pop (can't remember brand) twice.

OK, she ate everything, including the extra chips they give with the burrito. This is around 2270 kcals alone. Add in the 40 ounces of cola (~360 kcals) and you're staring at about 2630 kcals in one meal. (I got the nutrient data off of baja fresh's website and the cola data from the usda nutrient database).

So think about this. You eat at least twice a day in amounts in excess of 2200 kcals each... you're totalling around 4500 kcals a day, doing minimal excercise, and you become on a permanent bulking cycle, except that since they aren't doing any form of excercise, their muscle mass stays about the same.

Fatty mass, last time I checked doesn't expend too many calories either. What you have is a fat making machine.

We haven't even looked at the aspect of the insulin surges that these people probably experience either, or the full amount of "soda pop" they're consuming. It's all a disaster.

Then these people feel like victims... I guess that ignorance truly is bliss.


I recently saw a show on, I think, the Discovery channel. This was about the half ton man. He was lying on a mattress on the floor on his side when the EMT crews came to haul him to the ER. He hadn't even stood up in years, let alone sat up.

His wife was a good 300 pounds and was his enabler. She bought all the food and brought it to him. I guess they were married when he was 500+ and had never consumated their marriage though they'd been together for over 15 years.

He worked out and swam and lost about half his weight at the hospital in 6 months but the doc still stapled his stomach before sending him home. He said that was the only way he could guarantee that the guy wouldn't gain it all back.

What really pissed me off is that even though he was near death at the hospital and desperately needed to lose weight, his family had to be frisked before they were allowed in to see him because they were trying to sneak in junk food. WTF.



Do you remember the name of the Program?

(I'd like to look it up on my program guide).




Yes, I am in control of my life, as much as one can be, being in the military. And there is no way that I would ever get anywhere near that big. I would get kicked out of the Air Force if I got to fat. I just could'nt bring myself to eat that after watching that.



I knew you would like them 3Toes. My wife is gonna make some more if you want them.



The name on the guide screen was 700 pound man.



I think the name of the show as the 750 pound man. My title was 760 because at one point in the show, he weighted 760 lbs.


The really sad thing is he wouldn't even admit he had a problem. He was very adament in stating that he didn't eat any more than a normal person. Did you see the scene when they were in the hotel after his doctor's appointment? He was eating fried chicken for his "protein source" and was then laying on the bed with a bag of potato chips next to him, all of this after gastric bypass.

I simply cannot believe somebody could eat themselves to the point that they can't stand up. The fact that some people are literally eating themselves to death is apalling.


Yeah, I'm convinced that cases like that are all psychological. Those cats just need to get their minds right. I mean, anyone can just kind of slug through life obese and sedentary, but I fail to see how becoming 700 pounds "just sneaks up on you". What was the first sign? Weighting 600 maybe? Or 500?


Or 300? Or when you look down and you cannot see the boys?


I saw that show also, couldn't freakin believe it! What kind of wife would bring a man that they have to order a new scale for because he maxes out the old one, SNACK CAKES?! Idiots, the guy couldn't even roll onto his back by himself, he needed like 3 orderlies to do it, and they siad it's hard because his skin was al clammy and slippery. Just gross