75mg Dose from 250mg Ampules?

I live in Germany. I am on trt by my self without a doctor. Now i am considering starting with subq injections. I Take 200 mg of enantate every week.
That puts me on 650 on my through Level.
I Take 1 mg arimidex splitted into 4 eod.

Now i am thinking about switching to 150 mg splitted into 75 two times a week.

My Problem: i only get the 250 mg ampulles. How i can do this. Buy insulin syringes and Put one in fridge? Does this Work? Anyone any experience with this??

Because the problem is at 200 mg at once i get a high high peak and Not even arimidex helps. And i have Heard only good Things about subq. Injections.

Is the 200mg pharm grade, I would’ve expected 200mg weekly to have a higher trough level than 650, what is your nadir? What’s your SHBG out of Curiosity? Finally with the ampoules you can take a few syringes and fill each with 75mg and store it in the fridge, keep the needle tip capped though, don’t want to accidentally prick yourself nor do you want the needles touching anything in the fridge.

200 mg puts my through Level 650. My Peak must be somewhere around 1100-1300.

So you think its OK to store them in the fridge?
I will try it out.

Yea fridge is fine, peak of 1100 isn’t so bad? That’s right around what I produced NATURALLY a few years ago. I was under the impression 100mg weekly could get most into 600-700 range. I believe testosterone can also be stored at room temperature, fridge isn’t really nessecary

You can transfer your ampoules into a sterile vial. That way you’ll only have to fill one syringe at a time.

To be honest i have never tested my peak Level. Its just guessing. On the day before my next shot it was 650.

Load #29 12mm 0.5ml syringes and set aside for later use.
Do not refrigerate. T has ~ 0.9% benzyl alcohol that prevent bacterial growth.

With 150mg T per week, most will need 1.5mg anastrozole per week to get near E2=22pg/ml - 80 pmol/L. But a few, not rare, need 1/4th that dose as they are anastrozole over-responders.

With weekly injections, at first there was not enough anastrozole to compete with high E2 then at end of week the situation can be reversed.

You can take an anastrozole twice a week at time of T injections for a simpler method. Then as T and anastrozole levels rise and fall they will roughly track each other which is favorable for that drug that is competitive with T.

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You mean for example:
Monday First Shot 75 mg half arimidex.
Thursday: the Same.
So no fridge then. Just leave the syringe in a Box in my bedroom for example…right?

I Hope to get my bloated face away with that Method.

I have Heard its better to Take arimidex a day after the Shot. Or ja it wrong?

Anastrozole does get into blood stream fast, so yes, anastrozole will peak up before T does. But if you do the morning after evening injections you are OK unless you miss some doses that way. Simplicity does have value.

Fill syringes and set aside. Simple.

Twice a week, 75mg T and “1/2” Arimidex.

You may need .75mg Arimidex/anastrozole twice a week.

So its better to inject at evening on monday and thursday? Or doesnt it make any difference?
And with 75 mg arimidex you mean: half and 1/4 of a tablet? I have a tablet splitter.

I would try it with 1 mg arimidex i think. One time i was tanked with 1 mg on 200 mg test e.

Sure, start with less anastrozole.

3/4 = 0.75

After using a steady protocol for a while that seems OK for you, get E2 tested. Then we can refine/calculate dose based on that and often dosing does not work out to 1/4mg increments. If you dissolve anastrozole in Vodka 1mg/ml you can dispense by the drop or volume from a dropper bottle to get arbitrary dosing amounts.

You need to work some of this out by thinking about it so I do not have to repeat or get overly explicit. You will soon be mostly on your own. Do read the stickies!!!

OK Bro. Much thnx.
My Last question. If i decide to Switch to 200 mg test, is it still possible to inject 100 mg subq 2 times a week?

0.5ml will fit under your skin nicely, there will be a bump.

Suggest subq over upper leg where you can see and avoid surface veins. After injecting, press on puncher site to allow small vessels to seal off to prevent bleed bruises.

Pinch up skin into a slight mound and inject into end of that mound with needle above and parallel to muscles below.

Some get sore lumps from subq in legs but not belly fat and some vice versa. Experiment as needed.

Many here will discourage 200mg T per week.
Anastrozole needs are proportional to T dose and T levels.

Cant i Just inject it somewhere into my glute?
And No need to aspirate right?