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75mg Anavar for 8wks?

So… I think I’ve made a mistake.

Recently I acquired a bunch of anavar - enough to do 75mg for two
months. It was, embarrassingly, an on the spot impulse buy as the seller
hyped it up to the max and had me excited. Isn’t his fault though, I’m
an idiot. I wouldn’t usually react like that, honestly.

Regardless, I’ve got the stuff and I highly doubt a refund is on the
table. What should I do with it? He recommended that I take it at the
dosage and time that I’ve already stated (along with liver support) and
use nolva as pct following use.

He said that depending on my goals it could
A) Used effectively to cut, which I don’t particularly want or need to do
B) Recomp, or
C) Add a little bit of mass and a ton of strength that I’d keep after PCT

Now, after doing a ton of research, I see that most people say anavar
only is pointless and idiotic with only a few being for it. The hell
should I do? Keep it for if and when I’d ever want to cut? Feels like a
waste of damn money if I just use it to shed a bit of fat one day. Buy
and use it with test? Why? Or just say screw it and use the var as he

I’m not looking to get massive at all, I’m pretty happy with how I am. I
just want to get stronger but obviously wouldn’t say no to getting a
little bit bigger.

25, 5’10, 77kg and pretty lean. Never used before.

Can you guys help me?

Don’t do an oral-only cycle. Use injectable testosterone, at 500mg/week, for 10 weeks, to go along with this.

Why do you HAVE to take all the anavar that you bought in one cycle? This is actually a perfect amount to run 2 quality cycles. Run it at 50mg/day for 6 weeks, then do it again later. You bought enough to do this, and you’ll get more out of it if you do it the way I’m suggesting.

I don’t know why you think people believe anavar is idiotic. It’s one of the absolute BEST oral steroids available. You need better information. Your lack of knowledge is very concerning.

The person who told you that you will keep a ton of strength after PCT is very, very wrong. You will not. You probably won’t even gain a ton of strength in the first place.

Don’t use it to cut. That’s not how steroids are supposed to be used in the first place. If all you wanted to do was cut, you’d get a cutting drug like clenbuterol.

Anyway… I honestly think you’re making a mistake by jumping into the steroid world with just a limited knowledge base. Do what you want, but I HIGHLY suggest you not take these simply because you spent the money on them. Your body/health are far more valuable than a couple hundred bucks. I doubt you’ve really looked into what can happen if PCT doesn’t go well.


Thanks very much for your response, I really do appreciate it.

I’ve read plenty of people saying exactly what you’re saying so I knew it was the case, I just needed someone to tell me.

I’ll definitely be following your advice,
Thanks again mate.

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