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75Hard - Andy Frisella

Hello all,

Just a chuck about thread to see if anyone has ever done the 75Hard challenge, or has any interests within the realms of Andy Frisellas platforms.

Without mentioning his main business ventures due to competion within the sites sponsors, I’ve taken a keen interest in these Self help programs and guidance.

Be good to see if anyone else uses those tools as a bit of help, as Im about to start it.



Best of luck brother. I know a few people who have started this program but only a handful completed it. I think it was an issue of time to get all the stuff done in a day.

I’m all for the reading every day though.

Only this year I’ve started reading again and I’m six books deep in four months and I think my vocabulary is improving which is nice.

All the best and I hope you smash it mate.

Good to see you posting again mate, hope everything is going well for you

I appreciate the kind words mate,
Its good to be back.

Thats great to hear about the reading, I was tempted to reach out to a community and ask about the reading portion of it, whether Kindle on my phone would suffice or if it needed to be a hard back copy however I think I’d get dragged over the coals for asking dumb shit questions haha.

I second the run outta time section, several people I know have let me know a similar opinion, my interpretation of it is that it disciplines you enough that you are more productive of your time.

I’ll keep a log of it actually, got to wipe off the dust on my log here.

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Nice one. I can’t see why kindle would be an issue. Hell even audiobooks. I don’t think the medium through which the information is absorbed should matter, only that it is

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The benefit of a paper book is that it’s much easier to dog ear or bookmark and go back to things. You can also add notes. Kindle allows for bookmarks and notes, but I’ve never been able to get in the swing of using them. You can pick up a real book and go back to the paragraph or chart you wanted to share with your buddy pretty easily - you know it was about a third of the way though and on the lefthand page.

I love my kindle and use it as my primary reading tool, but if I’m buying a book I think I’ll reference over and over (for work, say) I get a hard copy.


In an odd way,
I think you have summarised why I will use a hard back over the phone.

Using kindle would be easy.
Too me, the way that I work and the basis of 75hard is to instill consistency in ones life, it would almost be taking the easy option.
And valid points about re-visiting bookmarks about key entries in a chapter.

Plus, Who doesn’t love the smell of a new, leather bound book…
Like a rich mahogany

I’m friends with Merlin Olsen. He comes over on occasion.

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