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755@ 227 Deadlift 18 Y/O


Finally a new record after like a month!
going for 800+ march 19th dekalb meet.


thats intense, hurts my back just watching it. pretty awesome stuff



you are only a few years of some injury free training from putting some dents in the current DL records.

good luck and stay strong.


Crazy dude

What are your other lifts at?


not as good lol...here recent: the squats from right before deadlifting today.


How much can you do without straps?


motherfucker, apart from the squat those are all long term goals for me. you may have used straps for the deadlift, but they dont magically strengthen everything else! respect brah


That is a massively impressive deadlift. When did you start training?


3rd grade, but most deadlift right before entering highschool...my grip is strong tho,and usually use hook grip for max attempts, never missed a dl because grip. If grip was my weak link I wouldn't be using straps lol


That is an amazing deadlift! I'll be at the Dekalb meet too. Are you lifting on Saturday or Sunday? You should check out the gym I train at if you're anywhere nearby, we'd love to have a freaky deadlifter. It's called monster garage gym, it's a hardcore / warehouse type powerlifting gym. See you at the meet.


Awesome lifts buddy! I am just as impressed by the Overhead press to be honest. Also, that Squat was super fast - you def had more in you! Keep pushing and stay injury free. Stick around - its cool to have strong mofo-s around.

What has your training been like up to this point? Westside / standard split? Do share - yo uare one strong young bull!


At my university gym, most kids your age can't even touch a 275 deadlift, let alone push-press it. Stay strong, man, those lifts are insane.

Do you bench?


I have no routine or anything, But like to train lower body/low back-MON,WED, SAT...but latley I been trying to cut it back to 2x a week to give knees more rest. and I usually do upper body tuesday and/or thursday.


No program? Well you need to look through your deadlift training logs, find a pattern, and turn it into a program and sell that shit :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome pull man. I would like to break 700 this year on deadlift, but I will be geared, and heavier.

You are going for 800 in march? Be sure to post a video of the meet.
Not because I doubt you, I just want to see.


i'm amazed that someone can get so strong training is a gym that has a tv right by the power rack. keep up the good work


I lift at Frantz gym as well.


That's a monster pull, man.



thats fucking insane. you look like you dont even workout though wtf?


I think he posted some pics a while back in RMP. you are wrong about not looking like he works out.


aye he's in good shape, i assume he's just one tall mofuk.

@OP how tall are you mate? whats the diet like? any supps?

mad impressive.